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Jalandhar, Punjab, India

Agriculture Products - Trader, Services, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 2004

A Company registered under the Companies Act 1956 vide Registration No. PTC 27468 with Registrar of Companies, Jalandhar. The Company is a group of highly experienced, qualified and well versed skilled professionals in the field of Network Marketing also known as Multilevel Marketing. We Provide a golden opportunity based on binary system

Deals in
Health produscts
Agriculture products
Stevia cultivation

Products :

 whole saler of organic manure (city compost approved under FCO Act 1985) with name of INDERDHANUSH Inderdhanush organic fertilizer contains macro nutrients (N P K ) & micro nutrients (zn, cu, mg, iron, sulpha.Etc.) Which are complot requirement of all types of soil uses in Agriculture. Horticulture &flowriculture &medicineal plantation. ID can reduce the harmful effects of chemical fertilizer &pesticides .The  fertility of the soil has been reduced due to the exess uses of chemical fertilizer & pesticides. IN normal conditions the application of inderdhanush with chemical fertilizer gave revolutionary increasing in yields bez the chemical fertilized (urea, dap, ssp) mainly contains mar ore elements. But they are not hav (n.P.K.)etc. The inderdhanush provides micro nutrients as balanced diel of plants. Also provides micro nutraimts  in orgaine from which are enviously supplied by soil to plant in future. So, all to gather the Inderdhanush is complete and balanced food for our crops. Benefits of Inderdhanush 1.     Benefits are supplement to chemical fertilizer 2.     id are cheap and reduce the cost of cultivation . 3.     Fix biological nitrogen in the so &which its readily available to the plant. 4.     increase crop yield 4-5%  on an average 5.     improve so & properties &sustain soil fertility 6.     Provides plant nutrient at low cost &useful so the consecutive crop.   Benefites m2(garn ule & liquid) ·        Early germination ·        Vigorous seeding growth ·        Root development ·        Increased soil fertility ·        Higher nutrient uptake ·        Better branching  tailoring & incrosefoilage. ·        Reduction in the fruit & flower drop. ·        Better development of gravis /fruits. ·        Increase in the size &weight of the grains) fruit. ·        Higher yield &better quality of the product B-Tic (Herbal Anti Diabetic & Vitaliser Capsules) Indications : For Sugar & Diabetes Controls. Dosage : One Capsule Twice a day after meal or as Directed by Physician. Colours Used : Approved colour used in capsule shells Body Power (Weight Gainer Powder) Powder is a High Protein Food ingredients full of amino acids which are branched chain. The product is formulated for maximum benefits in strengthening the muscles and ensure growth for excellent sports performance. Ingredients Protein source (skimmed milk powder, when protein concentrate, soy supro), Energy Source (sugar & maltodextrine) calcium. Jointame (Glucosamine + MSM capsules) Indications : Rheumatic & Musclo-skeltal disorders. As in inflammatory diseases. Dosage : One Capsule Twice a day after meal or as Directed by Physician. Colours Used : Approved colour used in capsule shells. NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS Noni (Capsules) Contains nutritional enzymes, anthraquiones and polysaccharides all known to have various health benefits. Some important benefits include overall improved cell regeneration, improved enzymatic function, improved digestion function, improved protein restructuring, anti-histaminic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, improved glandular function and serotonin binding Spirulina (A Complete Nutrient Supplement for Family) SRIJAGAT?S Spirulina is an All-in-one Super nutrient that is derived from a tiny water plant Spirulina. Being a single natural source of proteins, iron, vitamins, minerals and the essential micro-nutrients, SRIJAGAT?S Spriulina corrects nutritional imbalance, builds immunity and helps every member of your family lead a healthy and active live. Children and young adults : SRIJAGAT?S Spirulina is the richest source of Proteins and provides 18 out of 22 amino acids that the body needs for normal growth and development. SRIJAGAT?S Spriulina through its range of B-Vitamins strengthens the immune system and builds resistance against diseases. The natural Beta-carotene (pro Vitamin-A) in SRIJAGAT?S Spirulina helps maintain normal and healthy eyesight. Middle age group: SRIJAGAT?S Sprirulina is the best natural source of antioxidants like Carotenoids, Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium that help fight against free radicals and slow down the process of ageing. Old age group: GLP in SRIJAGAT?S Spirulina prevents the formation of cholesterol, keeps the heart healthy and checks the onset of degenerative diseases B-Slim (Fast Capsules) Indications : Reduces excess fat and obesity helps to Maintain Figure. Precautions : Avoid Sugar, Fried Foods & High Calorie Drinks. Dosage : One Capsule Twice a day after meal or as Directed by Physician. Colours Used : Approved colour used in capsule shells. NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS B-Haired (Hair Revitalizer Oil) Indications : Falling of Hair. Premature Greying. Dandruff. Split Ends Application : Regular gentle massage on hair roots after a washing the hair. Many more

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near bus stand
doaba market
Jalandhar - 144102 (Punjab) India

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