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agriculture Member Directory(Fodder)


[Minsk, Belarus]
Manufacturers of

  • Mixer-feeder of fodder for cattle
  • Mixer-feeder of fodder for cattle [ equipped with the milling cutter for silage loading], V= 12m3.
  • Mixer-feeder of fodder for cattle - ISRK-12G
  • Mixer-feeder of fodder for cattle - SRK-11B
  • Closed-type milk cooling tanks having capacity from 1000 to 14 000 liters.
  • Mixer-feeders V= .....

    Greentech Organic Hydroponics Systems mfgs

    [Ahmedabad, India]
    We are very glade to inform you that our company “Greentech Organic Hydroponics Systems” manufacture a unit for the Maize/ Wheat grass fodder production in which you can produce Maize/ Wheat seedling by hydroponics techniques (Soil less culture) so it will ultimately produce microbes free, 100% organic healthy lush green seedlings of Maize/ Wheat grass fodder with less cost and in small area o.....

    Mygrow Fodder Seeds,Laxmi Narayan & Sons,

    [NEEMUCH , India]
    'MYGROW'Brand Alfalfa, Berseem, Cowpea, Cenchrus Cilliaris/setigerusClusterrbeans.Dolichos, Fenugreek, Horse Gram, Jueliflora, Lawn Grass, Lucerne, MP Chari, Maize African TallFodder, Vijaya Comp., Oats Perl Millet, Rajka Bajri, Rio, Sorghum, Sweet Sudan Grass, Stylo Hamat/Scabra, Sunflower, Subabool Teosntie, Turnip Fodder Vty.And Ayurvedic, Herbal, Medicinal, Aerometic Plant Seeds .....

    Proline Seeds Co.India PVT, Ltd.

    [Delhi, India]
    Manufacturer & Importer / Exporters of - HYBRID VEGETABLES - Watermelon, Eggplant, Bean, Melon, Cucumber, Carrot, Tomato, Cabbage, Onion, Hot Pepper, Cauliflower, Radish, Sweet Pepper, Pepper package, Spinach HYBRID CORN (Maize seeds), Vegetable seed, cereals seed(sorghumsudan grass, pearl millet, sunflower, hybrid maize), fodder seed, . Wheat, paddy, moong, urad, mustard, toria, soybean .....

    Bharat Agro Overseas (India)

    [NEW DELHI, India]
    Producers, Exporters & Importers Of High Quality Hybrid & Open Pollinated Vegetable Seeds, Fodder Seeds......

    Proline Seeds Co.India Pvt , Ltd.

    [Delhi, India]
    Vegetable seeds: - tomato, brinjal, chilly, carrot pusa keshar, Cabbage, knolkhol, radish, full red radish, Spinach, tinda, bhindi, onion seed carrot Early nantes, beet root, Turnip, Bottle gourd, bitter gourd, coriender, Watermelon, Eggplant, Bean, Melon, Cucumber, Carrot, Tomato, Onion, Hot Pepper, Cauliflower, Radish, Sweet Pepper, Pepper package, Spinach. Cereals: - sorghum Sudan grass, pea.....

    Proline Seeds Co.India PVT, Ltd.

    [VIJAY NAGAR, India]
    PROLINE SEEDS COMPANY (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. Engaged in Production and Marketing of: - VEGETABLE SEEDS: - Tomato, Brinjal, Chilly, Carrot Pusa Keshar, Cabbage, KnolKhol, Radish, Full red Radish, Spinach, Tinda, Bhindi, Onion seed Carrot Early Nantes, Beet Root D.D.R., Turnip, Bottle Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Coriender, Fenugreek Seeds etc. FODDER SEEDS: - Sorghum Sudan Grass, Pearl Millet Hybrid .....

    CBH Qingdao Company Limited

    [Qingdao, China]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of ingredients and additives. Our product range includes: Vitamins - -Vitamin C -Sodium Ascorbate -Calcium Ascorbate -Coated L-Ascorbic Acid -Choline Chloride (75% Liquid) -Choline Chloride (Corn Cob Carrier) -L-Ascorbate-2-Phosphate -Choline Chloride (Sillica Carrier) Amino Acids - -L-Lysine Sulfate -L-Lysine Liquid (Feed Grade) -L-Threonin.....

    CBH Qingdao Company Limited

    [Qingdao, China]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Inulin (Food Grade) L-Ascorbic Acid (BP2002/USP26) L-Ascorbic Acid-2-Monophosphate (35% Feed Grade) L-Ascorbic Acid Coated (97%) Sodium Ascorbate (USP/CP/FCC) Calcium Ascorbate (USP/CP/FCC) Choline Chloride (Corn Cob Carrier) Choline Chloride 75% Liquid L-Lysine (Monohydrochloride) L-Threonine (98.5% Feed Grade) L-Tryptophan (98% Feed Grade) Agar (Food G.....

    Shri Ram industries

    [Madurai, India]
    Molasses Meal, Animal Fodder.....

    Saltech Formulations Pvt. Ltd.

    [Gandhinagar, India]
    Water treatment, waste water treatment systems, water softening, water softening salt tablets, dishwasher salt tablets, water disinfection, drinking water disinfection, swimming pool disinfection, SPA disinfection, flocculants, water Purification, water filters, animal feed, minerals, mineral diets, saltech licks, salt licks, molasses licks, mineral licks, fodder with molasses, mineral diet, power.....

    Welcome Trade-Link

    [DELHI, India]
    Products: Cereals Seeds: - Hybrid Maize Seeds, Single Cross Hybrid Maize Seeds, Sorghum Sudan Grass, Pearl Millet, Sunflower Hybrid Maize Fodder seeds: - Barseem Seeds, Lucern Seeds (Alfa Alfa , And Multicut Bajra. Vegetable seeds: - Tomato, Brinjal, Chilly, Carrot Pusa Keshar, Cabbage, Knol Khol, Radish, Full Red Radish, Spinach, Tinda, Bhindi, Onion Seed Carrot Early Nantes, Beet Root, Tu.....

    Hebei Meihua Monosodium Glutamate Group Co., Ltd.

    [Bazhou, China]
    Manufacturers of Agricultural Industrialization. Our Products : * MSG * Mycoprotein * Corn Gluten Meal * Fodder Yeast Powder * Seedcake * Corn Hull * Refined Organic Fertilizer.....

    Agritec Industries Pvt. Ltd.

    [Multan, Pakistan]
    Cultivator, Rotavater, Ridgger, Fodder Cutter, Sugarcane Planter, Sugarcne Harvester, Orchard Sprayer, Punaumatic Planter, Bailer, Disc Harrow, Mango Grader, Fruit Puner, Jeeto & jeecto.....

    Constanta Agro Ltd

    [Donetsk, Ukraine]
    Mixed animal, poultry and fish feeds, fodder additives, concentrates.....

    Healthy Cattle

    [Dhaka, Bangladesh]
    Beef fattening and animal fodder.....

    AquaGreen Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

    [Ahmedabad, India]
    Manufacturers of US & Canadian patented solar & wind powered portable greenhouses under the license of Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc., Canada to grow fodder and other crops hydroponically. Turn-key Projects - After Sales service - Grower's Support - Research & Development Micro finance projects to create employment for women, marginal & landless farmers Please visit: www.Greenfield-ngo.....

  • Agriculture Manufacturers Directory(Fodder)


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