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agriculture Member Directory(Cottonseed)

Chandrashekhar Exports Pvt. Ltd

[Kolhapur, India]
Mainly, the group deals with wide range of products, such as De-oiled cakes, Pulses, Jaggery, Rice, Groundnut H.P.S., Onions, Sesame seeds, Masoor Dal, Veg Kokum Oil and other Agriculture goods : cottonseed flour, soya flour, spices, soybean meal, groundnut kernal, salt, animal feed raw material. We manufactured of High protein cottonseed flour, Maize Grits, Maize flour (Corn starch), Soya flour/.....

Chandrashekhar Exports Private Limited

[Kolhapur, India]
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of agro products like cottonseeds, cottonseed oil, cottonseed flour, sesame seeds, sesame seed oil, wheat flour, corn flour, yellow maize, sugar, pulses, spices from India. OILS : Groundnut Oil Sesame Seed Oil Castor oil & Derivatives Neem Oil PULSES : Masoor Dal Red Split Lentils Moong Dal Mooth Beans EXTRACTIONS / MEALS : Soybean.....

Lianyungang Huantai International co

[lianyungang, China]
Cottonseeds, extracted cottonseed meal, cottonseed hulls, and cottonseed hull pellets......


[Ahmedabad, India]
Manufacturing and exporting of various premium agricultural products viz. Edible Seeds, Edible Oils & Spices.
Our product range : sesame seeds, hulled sesame seeds, natural sesame seeds, roasted sesame seeds, spice seeds, edible oils, processed edible oils, agricultural products, edible seeds, edible spices, oil seeds, oil industries, sesame oil, groundnut kernels, groundnut oil, cottonseed, co.....

Chandrashekhar Exports Pvt. Ltd.

[Kolhapur, India]
Manufacturer suppliers And Exporters of : High protein cottonseed flour, Maize Grits, Maize flour (Corn starch), Soya flour/ Texturised Vegetable protein, Corn oil, Corn steep liquor, Soyabean Meal, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Sesame Seeds, H.P.S. Groundnuts, Poultry Ingridients, Cotton Seed, Corn Gluten Meal, Rapeseed Meal Main Items of Export : Yellow Maize, Maize Oil, Groundnut Meal, Rice, Textur.....


We are manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Vanaspati and Refined Oils such as Maize oil, Palm Kernel oil, Cottonseed oil, Sunflower oil, Soya bean oil and Coconut oil. We are diversified into the area of Refined Edible Oils like Corn/Maize, Soyabean, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Oil, Palmolien. Our range of products are : RASADAA (Vanaspati) KORNDROP (Refined Maize Oil) SOYAJI (Refined s.....

Sichuan Quanming Fertilizer Co., Ltd

[Chengdu, China]
Manufacturers and Exporters of organic / inorganic compound fertilizer which different contents ( main component : N-P-K-Mg-Mn-Bo)and their raw material and additives , plant calcium phosphate , bone calcium phosphate , single superphosphate , triple superphosphate , rapeseed /cottonseed meal, steamed bone meal/grain, bone ash ( cineration bone grain/meal )sodium sulphate anhydrous , sodium bicarb.....

International Fiber Corporation

[North Tonawanda, United States]
Our Products are as follows: -Bamboo -Cottonseed Vegetable Fiber derived from Bamboo & Vegetable Fiber derived from Cottonseed -Granules Pelletized Powdered Cellulose, Pelletized Fiber, Granulated Powdered Cellulose & Granulated Fiber -Custom Blending Custom Blending of Powdered Cellulose with Starches, Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals or other Fibers -Cotton Flock Cotton flock is ma.....

mayur industries

[jalna, India]
We produce Cotton seed cake and cotton seed oil. The cottonseed cake is used for animal feeding purpose. The cake is of good quality and protein content. The Cottonseed oil is sent to the refineries......


[Kadi, India]
Manufacturers & exporters of agro based products from india. We have large capacities to manufacturers the following products:

  • wheat flours, bread flour, biscuit flour.
  • soya lecithin - all grades [food / pharma etc.]
  • soya meals, rapeseed meals, groundnut meals, cottonseed meals and cakes beside others.
  • sesame seeds & oils, soya oil, mustard oils beside others.
  • vanaspati ghee & baker.....

    Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.

    [Kadi, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of -Wheat flours, bread flour, biscuit flour. -Soya lecithin - All grades [Food / Pharma etc.] -Soya meals, Rapeseed meals, groundnut meals, cottonseed meals, castor meals and cakes beside others. -Sesame seeds & oils, refined soya oil, mustard oils, groundnut oil beside others. -Vanaspati ghee & Bakery shortenings. -Liquid Glucose, Starch, Dextrin, Malto-Dextrin,.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    We are specialist in the field of Oils and Fats technology. We can custom build the right plant for you. Plants to process SOYBEAN, SUNFLOWER SEED, PALM, COTTONSEED, CASTOR SEED , PEANUTS, RICE BRAN, COCONUT, RAPESEED, MUSTARD SEED, MAIZE GERM, OLIVE and / any other seed that contains oil or for refining any kind of vegetable oil. We offers Technology and Equipment for-: Oil Milling, Solven.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    MANUFCTURERS, EXPORTERS & IMPORTERS OF, EXPORTERS OF, 1.CEREALS : -Rice -Jower -Bajra -Other Millets. 2.NATURAL GUMs & MEDICAL HERBS : -Centella Asiatica -Cassia gum powder – 200 mesh -Cedoary roots -Gum Guar Splits -Guar Gum Powder - Food Grade -Gum Karaya -Galangal roots -Henna leaves and powder -Psyllium seeds and husk -Passiflora herbs -Semen Cassia Tor.....

    GAMA Products Inc.

    [Medley, United States]

    Chengdu Jinlong Rongxing Trading Co., Ltd

    [Chengdu, China]
    Manufacturer and Exporter of - Home Textiles, Agricultural Equipments and Oil Extraction Machines. Agricultural Machines Multi-function Milling Machine Vegetable Slicer Vegetable Dehydrator Coconut Grinder Cottonseed Peeling Machine Coffee Huller Electric Heating Spiral Expeller With Vacuum Filter Flour Kneader Stainless Steel Meat Grinder & Slicer Milk Skimmer Fertilizer.....


    [MUMBAI, India]
    We are manufacturer and exporters of Agro based products such as : Rice Wheat Maize Sugar Pulses Soyabean Groundnuts Seasame seeds and all spices De-oiled extraction cakes : Soyabean meal Rapeseed meal Groundnut meal Castor meal and cake Cottonseed meal and cake Safflower extraction De-oiled rice bran Sunflower extraction Edible oils : Refined and Raw Degummed Nut pro.....

    Oilseeds International, Ltd.

    [San Francisco, United States]
    Our Products: California High Oleic Safflower Oil Rice bran oil Traditional (polyunsaturated) linoleic acid sunflower oil Cottonseed oil High linoleic Safflower Oil NuSun Safflower Oil Safflower for bird feeding .....

    Vimal Oil & Food Limited

    [Ahmedabad, India]
    Manufacturers Of Refined Edible Oil & De-oiled Cake. PRODUCTS : Edible Oils :- -Refined Cottonseed Oil -Refined Rapeseed Oil -Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil (Pungant) -Rapeseed De - Oiled Cake. OTHER PRODUCTS : Electricals :- -Power Capacitors -Distribution Transformers -Boosters -PVC Winding Wires & Cables -Three Core Flat Cables -LT Power Control Cables -PVC wires for Household wi.....

    McGeary Grain Inc.

    [Lancaster, United Kingdom]
    McGeary Grain Inc. Supplies the eastern US Feed, Flour, and Pet Food Industries with quality grains and feed ingredients, specialty agricultural products and certified organic grains and feed ingredients. Manufacturer and packaging of Grains & Feed Ingredients: Organic Grains: Barley Corn Millet Milo Oats Rye Soybeans Spelts Sunflower Seed Wheat. Organic Feed Ingredien.....

  • Agriculture Manufacturers Directory(Cottonseed)

    Jiashan Chem Group

    [Jiaxing, China]
    Manufacturer & Exporters of - ANIMAL PROTEIN - Fish Meal, Hydrolyzed Feather, Meal, Meat & Bone Meal, Squid Liver Meal, Silkworm Pupa Powder VEGETABLE MATERIALS - Alfalfa Pellet, Corn Germ Cake, Corn Gluten Meal, Cottonseed, Leaf Pellet, Pea Protein Meal, Tea Seed Cake, Tea Saponin, Whole Soybean Meal, Yeast Powder ADDITIVES - Amino Acid, Allicin Powder & Allicin Liquid, Acidification Pha.....

    Adani Wilmar Limited

    [Ahmedabad, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Fortune : Refined Soyabean Oil Refined Sunflower Oil Refined Cottonseed Oil Refined Groundnut Oil Refined Vegetable Oil Kachi Ghani Filtered Groundnut Oil Raag : Vanaspati Refined Cooking Oil Jubilee : Bakery Shortening .....

    Amrit Banaspati Co. Ltd.

    [Rajpura, India]
    We are manufacturer and exporters of : Gagan Vanaspati Bansari Refined Vegetable Oil Ginni Gold Refined Sunflower Oil Ginni Refined Cottonseed Oil Merrigold Table Margarine Sunheri Teer Vanaspati Ginni Refined Groundnut Oil Basmati Gagan Classic Basmati Rice Gagan Regular Basmati Rice Indian Long Grain Rice (Non-Basmati) Gagan long grain Rice Gagan special Parmal Rice Gagan Salt.....

    greenleaf agrotech

    [Surat, India]
    Peanut, Cumin seed, Corn, cottonseed meal, chickpeas, garlic, ajwain, coriander seeds, soyabean meal, raw cotton .....

    Shree Gajanan Oil & Agro Products Ind. Private . Ltd

    [Buldhana , India]
    • To develop marketing and distribution of “NITYAM”™ Refined Cottonseed Oil in all over Maharashtra and other state. • To become an ideal enterprises for grower to users in commodity and other Food product .....

    mangla oil mills

    [kaithal, India]
    Cottonseed oil Cottoseed oilcakes.....

    shell oil mills

    [lagos, Nigeria]
    SHELL OIL MILLS 134 SAM DICKSON AVENUE, MARYLAND, LAGOS NIGERIA. Email:Shelloilmills@look.Com contact number: +234-80-28719131 Dear Customer, We are Dealer's of edible and biodiesel oil Our company name is SHELL OIL MILLS, and presently, we have well over 100 million barrels ready for LIFTING from any of the Oil Terminals. SHELL OIL MILLS is Registered Co-operate affairs commission.....

    Akk Food Servicom

    [hull, United Kingdom]
    Products Contents *Edible oils *Major oils *Nut oils *Citrus oils *Oils from melon and gourd seeds *Food supplements *Other edible oils *Oils used for biofuel *Multipurpose oils also used as biofuel *Inedible oils used only or primarily as biofuel *Drying oils *Other oils Coconut oil, Corn oil, Cottonseed oil, Olive oil, Palm oil, Peanut oil (Ground nut oil), Rapeseed oil, includ.....

    Singhal trading Corporation

    [Mumbai, India]
    Traders and exporters of Agricultural Commodities such as Food Grains, Processed Pulses, Cashew Kernels, Oil Seeds, Oil Meals and Spices, Soyabean Meal, Rapeseed Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Oyster Shell Grit, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Cotton Seed Meal and Ground Nut Meal, HPS Groundnut Kernels /Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Maize, Black Tea, Cashew Kernel (all gra.....


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