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Agriculture Allied Industries

Rice Transplanter

The rice transplanter consists of prime mover,transmission, engine, float, lugged wheels,seedling tray, seedling tray shifter, pickup fork and pickup fork cleaner. It is a walk behind type rice transplanter using mat type nursery and it transplants the seedling uniformly without damaging them. The planting depth and hill-to-hill spacing can be adjusted.Automatic depth control helps in maintaining uniform planting depth. The machine has safety clutch mechanism, which prevents break down of planting device from the impact against stones in the field. For operation, the machine is transported to the field and mat type nursery is loaded in the tray of the transplanter. The machine is put in transplanting mode and operated in the puddle field. The performance of the transplanter is checked within 2-3 m of travel for transplanted seedlings for hill-to-hill distance, depth of placement and number of seedling per hill. If the transplanting is in order the machine is operated in normal transplanting operation

Length (mm): 2450
Width (mm):1480
Height (mm):840-950
Weight (kg):170
Row interval (mm):300
Hill-to-hill spacing (mm)117/131/147
Power Requirement (hp):3.7, petrol engine
It is used for transplanting of mat type rice seedlings

Hay Baler
hay baler, farm machine that packs and ties (or wraps in plastic) field-dried hay into bundles, called bales, for convenient handling, storage, and shipping. It ordinarily picks up hay that has been raked into rows (see rake)and packs and ties it into round or rectangular bales to be picked up by truck. Some modern balers include automatic stacking or loading devices. Very large bales are often stored in the field and moved with front-end loaders.

Harvesting Reper

Harvesting Reper is any farm machine that cuts grain. Early reapers simply cut the crop and dropped it unbound, but modern machines include harvesters, combines, and binders, which also perform other harvesting operations.Harvesting Repear binds the grain crops in single operation.The grain crops are wheat,paddy,oats,barely.It's capacity is 1 acre per hour and its cutting width is 4 feet and height of cut  is 5 to 7 cm in which fuel consumption is 1 to 1.25 Lt. per hour and  engine is  11hp diesel air cooled.

Rubber Crawlers
Rubber crawlers are widely used as the driving system for farm and industrial machinery on account of their high mobility and traction on uneven terrain. A rubber crawler is composed of lugs, core bar, and some other materials. Due to the sectional form and the particular components of a rubber crawler, dynamic spring constant and the viscous damping coefficient vary periodically between the two lugs when the track rollers come into contact with the surface of the rubber crawler. Therefore, mechanical vibration of rubber crawler vehicles is larger than those on wheel-driven vehicles. In particular, it is necessary to reduce the amount of vibration when driving a rubber crawler on a road surface. Therefore, in this study, we have developed mechanical mode, which predicts vibration characteristics of agricultural rubber crawler vehicles the in order to construct analytical design principles.

  • Hay Baler
  • Rice Transplanter
  • Harvesting Reaper
  • Combine Harvestor and their parts i.e. Rubber Crawlers, Knife, Section Strips

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