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DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co., Ltd(


DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co., Ltd(

Milk thistle P.E(


A Quality Product from
DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co., Ltd( [View Profile]
DaXingAnLing - China

Description :
(Jesslie at snowlotusbiotech dot com)
Fax:0086-452-6166200 our email box is Jesslie at snowlotusbiotech dot com
Email: Jesslie@
Also called: Silybum marianum (L.)
Extract Source: Silybum marianum (L) Gaentm furit
Packing Type: 2.5kgs/bags,25kgs/carton or 25kgs/drum
1. protective and choleretic, can inhibit lipid peroxidation after burn increased activity, and hepatic drug metabolizing enzyme activity has a protective effect; on the cardioprotective effect, reducing blood pressure, vascular relaxing effect, hypolipidemic effect, on cerebral ischemia in rats.
2. for hepatitis, can still be used to treat liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, alcohol-induced liver damage, toxic metabolic liver damage, gallstones and spleen disease, etc.
PS: we have other plant extract for your reference.
Potentilla chinensis extract
Sorbaria sorbifolia extract
Sorbus pohuashanensis extract
Rosa davurica extract
Rubus arcticus extract
Medicago falcata Extract
Sophora flavescens Extract
Thermopsis lanceolata Extract
Trifolium pretense Extract
Phellodendron amurense Extract
Acalypha australis Extract
Securinega suffruticosa Extract
Speranskia tuberculata Extract
Empetrum nigrum Extract
Hippophae rhamnoides Extract
Impatiens balsamina Extract
Oenothera biennis Extract
Myriophyllum spicatum Extract
Hippuris vulgaris Extract
Stellera chamaejasme Extract
Lythrum salicaria Extract
Cnidium monnieri Extract
Daucus carota Extract
Unilateral flowers extract
Lysimachia davurica extract
Limonium aureum extract
Syringa oblata extract
Gentiana scabra extract
Platycodon grandiflorum extract
Rhaponticum Carthamoides extract
Sodium copper chlorophyllin
Brassica campestris extract

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DaXingAnLing Snow Lotus Herb Bio-technology Co., Ltd(

Blueberry anthocyanin, Black bean hull extract, Black Rice Pigment, Lonicera edulis extract, Elderberry extract, Black currant color, Lingonberry extract, Coleus forskohlii extract, Horny Goat Weed Extract(icariin)/Epimedium P.E, Stevia Extract & Stevioside, Huperzia Serrate extract(Huperzine A), Silybum marianum (L.), Artemisinin, sissotrin, Limonium aureum extract, alpha-bisabolol, Sodium copper chlorophyllin, Resveratrol, Rose hip extract, Rhaponticum Carthamoides extract, Tribulus terrestris saponin, Rumex crispus extract

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