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A Quality Product from
njttlegion [View Profile]
coimbatore - India

Description :

We work hard to provide the best to the tea industries. By analyzing the present crisis in recovering the RC dust, which is flying around the CTC room when it is fed in to the Rotovan, the flying dust disturbs the workers as well as the atmosphere of the factory.

The flown dust will contaminate with the fresh Tea dhool, which travels in the CTC conveyors. The flying dust will take the bacteria from the atmosphere and start decaying whereever it gets stored. The amount of contamination in the hidden area which is not easily cleanable will produce bacterial infection @ 1:1000 for every 3 minutes.

To prevent the precious tea production from this most powerful infection, “MICRO EXTRACT” can be used in all tea factories. MICRO EXTRACT ON OTHER PROCESS
Micro extract is an equipment which will pick micro flying dust which flies out from powder like raw materials in the processing machineries. This can separate the collected powder and the air to recover and collect the dust for any other purpose. The most important advantage in this equipment is that we can decide the size of dust which we like to recover. By employing this machine, the value of your product and productivity will earn the real price with maximum utility.

Product Price :ON ENQUIRY

features :
This machine functions with an internal suction pump and a micro air dust cyclonic separator with dust collector. This will remove the flying dust and collect it to a bag or to a bin. This equipment consumes very low electricity energy. This can be used for any dust flying area.

Product Applications :
Micro extract can be used in all tea factories

Special Offer :

Terms and Conditions :
For full details,Terms and Conditions please send us your official enquiry for submitting our suitable offer.

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