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Anyogo Life Science & Nutrition Research Centre


Anyogo Life Science & Nutrition Research Centre

Zinc-enriched Yeast


A Quality Product from
Anyogo Life Science & Nutrition Research Centre [View Profile]
Singapore - Singapore

Description :
Zinc is an essential trace mineral involved with more than 20 enzymatic
reactions, ranging from protein synthesis to the regulation of the immune
system. Every cell in the body requires zinc to multiply. Zinc also has been
shown to increases brain activity as well as activating the area of the brain
that governs taste and smell. Zinc-enriched yeast is a special yeast which
can provide ample organic zinc. By adding inorganic zinc into the fermenter, the yeast can
combine the zinc into the intracellular proteins or polysaccharides during growth. Angel yeast can
also produce fortified Zinc Yeast to meet various formula specifications.
☆ High zinc content: the content of zinc up to 5000mg/kg;
☆ High absorbability: the organic zinc is easier to be absorbed by the human being;
☆ Low side-effect: the zinc-enriched yeast can reduce the side-effect of zinc;
☆ As the raw materials of all kinds of foods, functional foods and medicines;
☆ As the raw materials of nutrient-fortified foods, such as dairy products, biscuits,
beverage, flour etc;

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Anyogo Life Science & Nutrition Research Centre

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