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A Quality Product from
Vijayawada - India

Description :
We herewith submit our detailed description on Nature Power [Organic Manure].
Nature Power: Nature Power has been formulated to contain both Nitrogen fixers and Phosphate solubilizing organisms.
The use of organic and inorganic fertilizers has a prime role for maintaining the soil fertility and to increase the productivity. Organic manures being slow in releasing the nutrients, which are insufficient in quantity, cannot meet the total requirements of crop production. Use of inorganic fertilizers is becoming scare and costly in recent years. In addition, application of inorganic fertilizers results in environmental pollution and increases alkalinity and salinity of soils. With this view the use of BIO - FERTILIZERS in the form of carrier - based inoculants has attained prime importance
Fertilizer nitrogen will continue to serve for increasing grain production into the foreseeable future but efforts should also be oriented towards augmenting biological nitrogen fixation mediated by microorganisms. An average acre of grain legumes like soybeans, beans, or peas provides sufficient protein for 1000 - 2000 days for one person, whereas an average acre of plant materials converted to animal protein like beef and poultry provides only for 75 - 250 days. As the per capita income increases the demand on animal protein also increases accompanied by a several fold decrease in the intake of vegetable protein. Therefore, in the affluent nations where the per capita income is low and consequently, the intake of vegetable protein is more pronounced.
Accurate estimates of annual turnover of nitrogen in the biosphere vary from 100 to 200 million tons. The ratio between chemical fixed nitrogen and biologically fixed nitrogen ranges approximately from 1:4 to 1:2.5 and within biological fixation, the legume fixation is equivalent to or at least half that of industrial fixation. The amounts of kg N2 fixed / ha / yr for individual legumes has been roughly estimated as follows: 125 -335 for alfalfa, 85 - 190 for red clover, 80 - 150 for peas, 65 - 115 for soybean, 65 - 130 for cowpea, and 90 - 155 for vetch.
In the developing countries, production of fertilizers is not still sufficient to meet the demands. Therefore they are being imported on a large scale for crop production. The monoculture cropping pattern year after year is also depleting the fertility of soil. There was considerable focus on the problem by the scientists all over the world in the last century.
This has resulted in the discovery of the natural processes occurring in the nature. Since then, research was conducted on multi - disciplinary aspects of fertilizers. Of late, there was phenomenal success in the form of discovering the beneficial role of micro organisms in agriculture.
Hence, bio -fertilizers can be explained as microbial inoculants containing living cells of latent cells of micro organisms [bacteria, fungi, algae etc.] which when applied on to the seed or soil brings about substantial quantities of the required mineral elements. Of which, nitrogen is absorbed from the surrounding soil and atmosphere passed into the plant body.
These microorganisms are naturally available in soil. But, due to sharp change in the climates, excessive usage of pesticides, their populations are suppressed. Therefore, scientists have developed a technology of growing these microorganisms in Bio - laboratories on a large scale and use them as biofertilizers.
The richness of nitrogen in the atmosphere [78%] is of no significance unless it is converted in the form of ammonia or nitrate and fixes them in the soil. These nitrogen fixing organisms belong to different genera like Azotobacter, Azospirillum, Acetobacter, Rhizobium, Azolla, Cynobacteria etc. which are in Nature Power.
Acetobacter [Bacteria]
Phosphate solubilizing organisms
Next to nitrogen phosphorus is a vital nutrient for plants and microorganisms. Soils containing high organic matter are also rich in organic forms of phosphorus.
Several soil bacteria, particularly those belonging to the genera Pseudomonas and Bacillus and Fungi belonging to the genera Pencillium and Aspergillus's possess the ability to bring insoluble phosphates in soil to soluble forms by secreting acids such as formic, acetic, lactic, glycolic, fumanic and succinic acids. These acids lower the PH and bring about the dissolution of bound forms of phosphate, which can be directly utilized by the plants.
In the general agricultural practices, most of the applied super phosphate remains unutilized in the form of rock phosphate in the soil. Hence, it is recommended to use these phosphate solubilizers which are in Nature Power along with the mineral fertilizers. These organisms can solubilise around 50% of rock phosphate when used along.

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Manufacturers of Biofertilizers, organic manures, biological growth promotars for agriculture & probiotics for aquaculture in the brand name of 'nature power'
nature power: nature power has been formulated with different types of beneficial microorganisms.

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We herewith submit our detailed description on Nature Power [Organic Manure].
Nature Power: Nature Power has been formulated to contain both Nitrogen fixers and Phosphate solubi ....


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