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Crusher (for Sugar Cane)


A Quality Product from
Karachi - Pakistan

Description :
Capacity: 2 - 2.5 ton per hr.

Required Power: 10 - 16 hp

Weight of Machine: 200 kg

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Exporters of Agriculture Machines, Industrial Machines, Spare Parts. Our Products : * Agriculture Machines - Tractors - Combines - Ploughs/Harrows/Cultivators - Planters - Land Developing Equipments - Drills/Seeding Equipments - Digging Equipments - Lawn Equipments - Material Handling Equipments - Cutters - Reapers - Threshers/Crushers - Ridgers - Spraying Equipments - Tanks - Tillage Equipments - Trolleys - Fertilizer Broadcaster - Sheller/Crushers - Slashers/Mowers - Animal Traction Equipments * Industria Machines - Front Loaders - Tractor Mounted - Back Hoe - Tractor Mounted - Road Sweepers - Tractor Driven - Truck Mounted Cranes - Toe Trucks - Work Platforms - Generators/Prime Mowers - Fork Lifts * Spare Parts - Combines - Agriculture Equipments - Tractors

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