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Tata Holset Ltd.


Tata Holset Ltd.



A Quality Product from
Tata Holset Ltd. [View Profile]
Dewas - India

Description :
Tata Coffee, a subsidiary of Tata Tea and the largest integrated coffee enterprise in Asia, has a basket of products that caters to the all the different tastes of millions of drinkers of the brew. Its best-known brands are:
Coorg Pure: A 100-per cent pure filter coffee, packed in triple laminate 'polypacks' which safeguard the product's aroma and freshness. Available in Bangalore and Chennai.
Coorg Double Roast: A blend of filter coffee (53 per cent) and chicory (47 per cent), this is India's second-largest filter coffee-chicory brand. Available in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
Mr Bean: The jewel in the crown of Tata Coffee, this is a high-quality product made from the finest beans at the company's plantations
Tata Caf?: Available at retail outlets across India, this 100-per cent pure instant coffee offers an exhilarating 'bush to cup' experience.
Tata Kaapi: An instant coffee-chicory mix (70 per cent instant, 30 per cent chicory) that is available in the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

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Tata Holset Ltd.

The company manufactures turbochargers for heavy duty automotive, power generation and industrial engines, as well as passenger vehicle power units. It supplies turbochargers to automobile and diesel engine manufacturers, such as Tata Cummins and Tata Motors.

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