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Nathu Sweets & Pastry Shop


Nathu Sweets & Pastry Shop

Dry Fruits

New delhi

A Quality Product from
Nathu Sweets & Pastry Shop [View Profile]
New Delhi - India

Description :
It?s a matter of pride that we produce more than 500 items everyday under one roof ranging from traditional Indian Sweets (Mithai) to the latest fast food like Pizzas, Burgers, and Sandwiches etc. For further details to "Full Menu" option in the categories listed on the left bar.

We are ready to service our guest?s daily from 8.30 hours and take pleasure in serving till 22.30 hours every day, 7 days a week.

Item : Price (Rs.)

Pista Dodi : 450
Badam Roasted : 520
Badam Masala : 520
Kaju Roasted : 520
Kaju Masala : 500
Kaju Fried : 500
Sem Beej : 400
Chil Goja : 700
Akhrot : 400
Kishmish : 600
Kaju Plain : 480
ilaichi Green : 1000
Badam Plain : 500
ilichai Silver : 1200

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Nathu Sweets & Pastry Shop

Manufacturers, retailers and exporters of Sweets, Namkeens and other related products. Our products are -Bread, Chinese, Continental Snacks, Cookies, Cream Cake, Dry Cake, Dry Fruits, Namkeen, North Indian, Pastries, Snacks, South Indian, Sweets. Full menu : Gulab Jamun, Kala Jamun, Rasberry Brown, Bikanari Pata Burfi, Doda Burfi, Kalakand, Chhaina Toast, Mohan Bhog, Hira Mane, Pakiza, Petha Pan, Permal, Rasberry White, Chaina Murgi, Angoori Petha, Kesar Petha, Malai Chap, Sandesh, Malai Roll, Raj Bhog Kesri, Badam Malai Chap, Kesar ChamcHam, Rasgulla, Rasmalai Kesar, Rabri, Dry Fruit Chikky, Sohan Halwa, Karachi (Desi Ghee), Sohan Papri Gol, Soan Papri etc. Bread : Jeera Bread, Ajwain Bread, Mushroom Bread, Masala Bread, Garlic Bread, Vianna Bread, Hot Dog, Butter Bun, Dinner Roll, Burger Buns, Soup Buns, French Bread, Fruit Bread, Cheese Bread, Milk Bread Small, Milk Bread Large, Brown Bread Small, Brown Bread Large, Plain Kulcha, Pizza Base, Bread Sticks etc. Chinese : Plain Chowmein, Vegetable Chowmein, Garlic Chowmein, YNG Chowmein, Spl. GravyNoodles, Yaffu Stew Chowmein, Chilly Garlic Chowmein, Ginger Garlic Chowmein, Nathu's Spl. Noodles/ Chowmein, Tomato Soup etc. South Indian : Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa, Onion Plain Dosa, Onion Masala Dosa, Rava Palin Dosa, Rava Masala Dosa, Rava Onion Plain Dosa, Rava Onion Masala Dosa, Rava Coconut Plain Dosa, Rava Coconut Masala Dosa, Green Chilly Onion Dosa. Pastries : Jam Tart, Muffins, Chocolate Almond , Apple Pie, Apple Struddle, Cream Roll, Chocolate Dougnut Pastry, Dougnut Sugar, Pineapple Eggless Pastry, Chocolate Eggless Pastry, Strawberry Pastry, Chocolate Pista Pastry.

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