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A B C International [View Profile]
Bangalore - India

Description :
Indian Pickles are many in types and kinds. These are also packed in different sizes and packaging materials. For example, these come in 500gm x 12 Nos and 300gm x 24 Nos packs and also in glass bottles, pet bottles and in cans. Pickles are also packed in bulk packing or in consumer packs depending upon the customer requirement. Some of the popular ?KIKI? brand South Indian pickles that ABCI packs include:

1. Mango Sliced Pickle
2. Mango with Green Chilli Pickle
3. Mango Avakai Pickle
4. Sweet Mango Pickle
5. Mixed Vegetable Pickle
6. Lime Pickle
7. And several other types numbering 40.

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A B C International

Manufacturer And Exporter of few selected foods and commodities : Tamarind products, Gherkins(Cucumos Sativus), Organic Products, Fresh fruits, Spices and commodities, Convenient Products Tamarind products : Tamarind Concentrates, Tamarind in slabs, Tamarind Powders, Tamarind ( seedless ), Tamarind ( with seed ), Tamarind Kernel Powders (TKP), Tamarind Seed, Imported Tamarind ( including in red color ) Organic Products : Tamarind Concentrates, Tamarind Seedless, Turmeric (Local), Turmeric (Improved), Ginger - Whole Dried, Ginger - Sliced, Mustard - Black colour, Groundnut, Sesame, Castor, Maize, etc Fresh fruits : Fresh Mangoes (Alphonso), Fresh Grapes (Thompson Seedless), Pomogranate (Ganesh and other varieties), Lime (different sizes), Pineapple (different varieties and sizes) Spices and commodities : Chili, Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger, Turmeric, etc., in whole or in powder form, Various Spice Oils and Oleorisins, Other commodities - Rice, Sugar, Soya products, etc. Convenient Products : READY-TO-COOK CURRY PASTES & INSTANT POWDERS, READY-TO-EAT FOODS, IQF (INDIVIDUALLY QUICK FROZEN) PRODUCTS - Indian Fruits, Standard Vegetables, Ethnic (Indian) Vegetables DE- HYDRATED PRODUCTS - Tamarind Powder, Onion Slices / Powder, Garlic Powder, Potato Powder, Potato Cubes / Fingers / Slices, Sweet Neem Powder, Sweet Neem Leaves, Mint Powder, Mint Leaves, Ginger Powder, Cabbage (Flakes), Carrot (Slices), Coriander (Leaves), Curry (Leaves), Karela (Slices), Methi (Leaves / Powder), Spinach (Powder), Tomato (Powder), Cauliflower (Shreds), Capsicum (Shreds), Litchi (Halves), Sapota (Halves), Apricot (Halves), Mushroom (Slices), Apple (Slices), Pineapple (Slices), Raw Mango (AmcHoor), Mango (Slices), Bitter Gourd (Slices), Tinda (Slices), Peas (Whole), Ladies Finger (Whole), French Beans (Cuts/Whole), Green Chilli (Whole/Powder), etc. SPRAY DRIED POWDERS - Natural Condiment Powders, Fresh Fruit Powders, Fresh Vegetable Powders, Spray Dried Specialties, Natural Food Colours & Extracts FRUIT BARS -Tamarind Fruit Bar, Mango Fruit Bar, Guava Fruit Bar, Pineapple Fruit Bar, Apple Fruit Bar, Orange & Papaya Fruit Bar, Orange Fruit Bar, Papaya Fruit Bar, Grape Fruit Bar, Mixed Fruit Bar, etc INDIAN PICKLES - Mango Sliced Pickle, Mango with Green Chilli Pickle, Mango Avakai Pickle, Sweet Mango Pickle, Mixed Vegetable Pickle, Lime Pickle, And several other types numbering 40.

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Indian Pickles are many in types and kinds. These are also packed in different sizes and packaging materials. For example, these come in 500gm x 12 Nos and 300gm x 24 Nos packs and ....


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