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Fairmont, Outside India, United States

Agriculture Products - Manufacturer, Services, Export / Import,
Partnership Firm Since 1985

Products :
Amaze - clear liquid fertilizer having 5-16-4-5ca. amaze is unique because it has calcium and phosphate in a clear liquid. this makes it a true foliar spray to enhance crop quality, sweetness, and shelf life. rl-37 - buffered liquid humate made with structured water. stimulates soil microbiology. z-hume - liquid humate with bacterial inoculant. bacteria in inoculant specialized to break down residue and complex excess sodium in soil. soil testing - international ag labs performs soil testing in-house. we also provide soil consulting based off the soil test for the specific crop the farmer is growing. product formulation - ial formulates for use in biological agriculture.

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Mr.Jon C. Frank
Office Administrator


P.O. Box 778,, 800 West Lake Ave.,
Fairmont - 56031 (Outside India) United States

Phone(s) : +1-507-235-6909
Mobile :
Fax : +1-507-235-9155

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