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Ambika Appalam Depot

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Agriculture Products - Manufacturer, Trader, Export / Import,
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The founder, Mr.K.A.Velayudham's father had started his business in a very small-scale level at his residence in the year 1920 for a livelihood. In the year 1945, Mr.K.A.Velayudham commercialized his business by opening a shop first at Mylapore and then in T.Nagar. The name and style became "AMBIKA APPALAM DEPOT".

As the business gained momentum, customers from various places of Madras city started plowing to buy the appalams from Mylapore. The business picked up steadily and the brand name "AMBIKA APPALAM" became familiar among the citizens of Madras city, this was how appalam was established in Madras as a reputed appalam manufacturer. Until this period the appalams were being sold only in retail, but very soon the business transformed to be wholesale due to the active participation of the youngsters and the penetration of business into the neighboring cities.

We are proud to say that we are the only firm manufacturing appalams and other related South Indian food products hygienically using high-level technology. We occupy major market place in the field of appalams manufacturing and supplying in a systematic manner through nationwide marketing using the expertise. We are the largest producer of appalam from the raw material of urad dhal in India since 1920 traditionally.

There are three varieties (viz) appalams, pappadam and pappad. Appalam that is familiar in Tamilnadu as a specialty to expand nearly double the size during frying. Pappadam that is familiar in kerala as its specialty to dilate during frying. Pappad that is familiar in North India as its specialty to double during frying. We manufacture all these varieties in different flavors. We supply appalams in a first rate quality and the same wholeheartedly approved by the customers from 1920 to 2001.

From the year 1990 onwards, the company started to export its products to overseas also. We are well known as" AMBIKA APPALAM DEPOT" and the name is being echoed throughout the world.

Products :
We are manufacturer, suppliers and exporters of Appalams, powders and snacks. Appalams : Ambika's Aanai Adi Appalam Ambika's Super Appalam Ambika's Special Appalam Ambika's No 1 Appalam Ambika's No 2 Appalam Ambika's No 3 Appalam Ambika's No 4 Appalam Ambika's No 5 Appalam Ambika's No 6 Appalam Ambika's Pepper Appalam Ambika's Chillies Appalam Ambika's Garlic Appalam Ambika's Jeera Appalam Ambika's Double Appalam Ambika's Baby Appalam Big Ambika's Baby Appalam Small Ambika Rice Appalam Ambika's SP.RiceAppalam Ambika's Sp.Kolley Appalam Ambika's Kolley Appalam Ambika's Lijitappalam Ambika's Pappadam Ambika's Pepper Pappadam Ambika's Pappada poo Ambika's Kasipoo Ambika's Neetu Poo Ambika's Color Jauarisi Appalam Ambika's Jackfruit Appalam Ambika's Thakkali appalam Powders : Ambika's Sambar Powder Ambika's Rasam Powder Ambika's Idly Chili Powder Ambika's Ghee Dhall Powder Ambika's Puliodharai Powder Ambika's Vathakuzhambu Powder Ambika's Lemon Rice Powder Ambika's Curryleaf Powder Ambika's Garlic Powder Ambika's SP.Garlic Powder Ambika's Pavakkai Powder Ambika's kothamalli Powder Ambika's Chilly Powder Ambika's Turmeric Powder Ambika's Kasturimanjal Powder Ambika's Garam Masala Powder Ambika's Pepper Powder Ambika's Dhaniya Powder Ambika's Curry Powder Ambika's Chukku Coffee Powder Ambika's Pickle Mix Ambika's Sukku Powder Ambika's Thengai Powder Ambika's Ellu Powder Ambika's Mustard Powder Ambika's Puttu Podi Ambika's Narthanlai Powder Ambika's Thalipoo Vadam Powder Ambika's Betal Nut Powder Ambika's Diet Powder (Fenugreek Powder) Ambika's Cuminseed Powder Ambika's Vallaram Powder Snacks : Ambika's Banana salt Ambika's Banana Karam Ambika's Banana Sweet Ambika's Cheeda Ambika's Sweet Cheeda Ambika's Potato Chips Ambika's Ribbon Karam Ambika's Ribbon Sada Ambika's Karasevai Ambika's Karaboonthi Ambika's Mixture Ambika's Ompodi Ambika's Porikol Ambika's Dhall Mooth Ambika's Masala Kadalai Ambika's Kaboli Fry Ambika's Green Peas Fry Ambika's Karamani Fry Ambika's Cashewnut Fry Ambika's Achuappam Ambika's Appam Ambika's Adhirasam Ambika's Paladai [Readymade Adai] Ambika's Payasam mix Ambika's Fried peanut Ambika's Jackfruit Chips Ambika's Kaimurukku Ambika's Nella Pori Ambika's Peanut Roll Ambika's Pori Urundai Ambika's Tapioca Chips Ambika's Thatai Murukku Ambika's Elanda Vadaam Ambika's Peanut ball Ambika's Peanut bar Ambika's Sweet Mixture

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Ambika Appalam Depot

114, usman Road, T.Nagar
CHENNAI - 600017 (Tamil Nadu) India

Phone(s) : +91-44-8283680 / 4342406
Mobile :
Fax : +91-44-8263708

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