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ABC Farms Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Agriculture Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
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Today, A.B.C Farms has hybrid cows and Swiss goats, and is one of India's leading cheese producers-Over 60 varieties of processed and natural cheeses have been developed. Sohrab Chinoy along with his wife Marlene, a Dairy Bacteriologist, provide the expertise necessary to turn out the various high-quality cheeses. They also head the R&D department, the focus being quality improvement and development of new varieties of cheeses, all of which are 100% vegetarian, to suit the Indian sentiment and taste buds.

The milk that is produced at the farm daily is supplied to various bakeries, hospitals, hotels and restaurants in Pune. Most of the milk is however used in making cheese besides a range of other dairy products like ghee, butter, and paneer; including a variety of fruit-yogurts, shrikhand and a lemon-flavored variation of lassi called LEMSI. These products are marketed directly out of A.B.C Farms' head office and processing unit in Pune and three company owned outlets in Pune as well as through agents in Bombay and Goa.The products are exclusively sold in Pune through selected outlets, three of which are company owned.

A.B.C. Farms is also very environmentally aware. The farm is used for organic farming of vegetables, grains, maize and alfalfa grass. No inorganic fertilizers or pesticides are permitted on the farm ensuring an ecologically sound environment for the farm to flourish. Part of the dung produced by the livestock is converted to bio-gas. The rest of it along with the bio-gas slurry and the urine of the cattle is the major source of fertilizer used at the farm. Vermicompost is used mostly for the fruit trees. Running hot water is available through the solar heating system installed at the farm. These eco friendly practices enhance the value of our milk, dairy and farm products.

Products :
MANUFACTURER AND EXPORTERS OF CHEESE, EDAM BALL, GORGONZOLA, SAMSOE, GRUYERE, PARMESAN, ROQUEFORT, MOZZARELLA, MONTERY(JACK), RICOTTA, CHEDDAR. NON DIARY PRODUCTS : Green Basil (Italian/Thai) Dry Basil (Italian) Thai Lemon Grass Root Slips Organic Brown Rice Organic Wheat Natural Spring Water OTHER PRODUCTS : Creams & Butter Ghee (Cow and Buffalo) Yogurt LEMSI Shrikhand

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Mr. Zubin Chinoy

ABC Farms Pvt. Ltd.

S. No. 35.36, Koregaon Park, Ghorpadi
PUNE - 411014 (Maharashtra) India

Phone(s) : +91-20-6876555 / 999
Mobile :
Fax : +91-20-68785888

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