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Producers Dairy

Fresno, , United States

Agriculture Products - Manufacturer,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1932

Producers Dairy, owned and operated by the Shehadey family, has provided fresh quality products for our customers since 1932. Today, we have grown to be one of the largest independent dairies in the Western United States.

Producers Dairy's commitment to quality products was the motivation to build our own dairy farms. This allows better control over the freshness of our milk and assures you and your family better, fresher tasting products. This helps give Producers Dairy its reputation for outstanding quality.

After over seventy years of service, Producers Dairy Foods is proud to be one of the few remaining locally-owned independent dairies in California. It is our committment to freshness and flavor that enables us to continue our growth into the new millennium.

Products :
Our Products: Milk * Vitamin D Whole Milk 2% Reduced Fat Milk 1% Light Milk Fat Free Milk Buttermilk Chocolate Milk Chocolate Low Fat Milk Coffee Lowfat Milk Strawberry Lowfat Milk Cream Whipping Cream Heavy Whipping Cream Half & Half Manufacturing Whipped Light Cream Butter Whipped Butter Balls Sweet Solid Quarters Salted Continental Chips Special Seasonal Items Egg Nog Reduced Fat Egg Nog Ice Cream Vanilla Rocky Road French Vanilla Cookies 'N Cream Mint Chocolate Chip Butter Pecan Neapolitan Strawberry Tin Roof Chocolate Chocolate Chip Mocha Almond Fudge Black Walnut Death By Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Light Ice Cream Light Vanilla Light Neapolitan Light Rocky Road Light Cookies & Cream Sherbet Orange Sherbet Rainbow Sherbet Orange Chocolate Chip Novelties Producers Dairy is a distributor of many Popular National Brand Novelties Yogurt Fruit on the Bottom Strawberry Raspberry Boysenberry Blueberry Peach Pi?a Colada Lemon Strawberry Banana Cherry Vanilla Pineapple Plain Non-fat Vanilla Peach Raspberry Strawberry Strawberry Banana Pi?a Colada Sour Cream Regular Sour Cream Fat Free Sour Cream Cottage Cheese Regular Cottage Cheese Low Fat Cottage Cheese Cottage Cheese & Pineapple Cheese An Extensive Selection available Drinks Fruit Punch Lemon Drink Orange Drink Grape Drink Producers also distributes: Tampico and Citrina Punches Water Drinking Water Spring Water Juice 100% Pure Orange Juice 100% Pure Grapefruit Juice 100% Pure Apple Juice Non-Dairy Producers distributes these fine Don Jose products: Horchata (Rice Drink) Available in Strawberry, Banana and Original. Cereal Match Choco Choco (Chocolate Drink) Eggs Large Grade A 15 Dozen Loose Pack Deli Salads Potato Salad Cole Slaw Macaroni Salad We offer a complete line of Food Service items!

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Producers Dairy

250 E. Belmont Avenue

Fresno - CA 93701 () United States

Phone(s) : +559-264-6583
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