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Agriculture Products - Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1958

Tong Seng Trading Co. (Pte) Ltd was established in 1958 as a dried agricultural and foodstuff trading company.
With over 40 years of experience in regional trading as one of the leading companies in the business, we are also well-known for our quality, valued-added pricing and service.
We provide a comprehensive range of dried agricultural, marine and herbal products from various countries including China, USA, Holland, Chile, India, Thailand.

Products :
Import and Export of Chinese Foodstuff & Agricultural Products. Spices:- Dried Chili, Cummin Seeds, Chili Powder, Corriander Seeds, Dried Garlic, Star Aniseed, Garlic Flake, Cassia, Garlic Granules, Dried Ginger Whole, Garlic Powder, Dried Ginger Flake, Fennel Seeds, Szechuan Pepper. Nuts & Beans:- Groundnut Kernels Raw, Sunflower Seed, Blanched Groundnut Kernels, Pearl Barley, Small Red Bean, Melon Seeds, Green Bean, Blanched Apricot Kernel, Soya Bean, Dried Foxnut, Black Soya Bean with Green Kernel, Ginkgo, Hulled Sesame Seed, Folies Nut. Native Produce & Foodstuffs:- Dried Red Dates, Dried Bamboo Leaves, Dried Black Dates, Fructus Lycii, Preserved Dates, Seaweed, Dried Mushroom, Dried Longan Meat, Black Fungus, Dried Squid, While Fungus, Dried Oyster, Dried Lily Flower, Potatoes Flour, Dried Lily Bulb, Dried Persimmon, Dehydrated Cole, Rice Vermicelli, Dried Black Moss, Bean Vermicelli. Canned Goods:- Canned Sardine, Canned Corn(Cream), Canned Mackerel, Canned Pork Luncheon Meat, Canned Corn(Whole).

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Mr. Quek Peng Looi
Managing Director


43 Hongkong Street
Singapore - 059682 () Singapore

Phone(s) : +65- 65333317
Mobile :
Fax : +65- 65333819

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