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Farm Biotech

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Agriculture Products - Manufacturer,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1996

Established in August 1996 with the aim of providing products based on bio-technology to the farmers, Farm Biotech has made quick strides in the field of development of agricultural yield.

Excessive and unrestrained use of synthetic chemicals in the form of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and crop boosters has become a common practice among farmers in India and many other regions in Asia. The majority of farmers are uninformed and oblivious to the harmful effects and fallout of such practice There is no doubt that synthetic agricultural chemicals have proven disastrous to mankind at large, and have spawned incurable diseases.

In such a situation agricultural experts at Farm Biotech have considered it their social responsibility to protect the health of the people by protecting the soil and its yield from these strong synthetic chemicals that are artificially produced. By rigorous pursuit of R&D, the Company has made a remarkable breakthrough in developing its two premium products

Delta (A Bio-Stimulant)

Biofa ( A Crop Enhancer) in the form of liquid and granules

With willing welcome and acceptance by the farmers, the products have proved their usefulness and efficacy in fulfilling the claims of Farm Biotech. This response and increasing demand has impelled the Company to delve deeper into developing various different kinds of fertilizers based on organic sources and natural cyclic process to present better alternatives to chemical fertilizers.

The Company is steered by the research-minded Managing Director
Mr. B V Patel who hails from a farmers' family, and is a graduate in agricultural science from Gujarat Agriculture University, Anand. While he was manager at various Indian and multi-national companies, Mr. Patel realized the hazards of synthetically produced chemicals and foresaw the significance and the value of applying bio-technology in India.

Farm Biotech is associated with, and boasts personnel who are all widely experienced in agricultural science, and are earnestly devoted to meeting and overcoming new challenges facing the earth, and the need to develop natural alternatives. For the last three years this concerted effort and undying team spirit has brought with it progress, including the prestige and esteem we have gained from the farmers and society in general.

Farm Biotech is, therefore, committed to meet the needs of farmers and will continue to develop its R&D facilities to counter the ever-growing challenges in the field of agricultural fertilizers.

Products :
Manufacturer in the following products -Delta -Biofa Delta and Biofa are obtained from bio-energy sources of plants by extraction of protein-rich material and converting them by prolonged hydrolysis to produce active amino acids. Various other processes make up the homogeneous mixture, which is then stabilized for PH, specific gravity and content, and then filtered and packed. The wonder products offered in the brand names of Delta and Biofa stimulate healthy growth of the plant, induces its natural hormone function, increases photosynthesis, and develops antibodies against weeds, fungicide, and diseases. The sprinkling of Delta, and the dispersal of granules of Biofa, as the case may be, not only generates a wholesome yield but also contributes to the overall development of the plant while keeping the soil healthy and fertile.

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Farm Biotech

708,Wall Street-I,
Opp.Orient Club,
Nr. Gujarat College Railway Crossing,
Ahmedabad - 380 006 (Gujarat) India

Phone(s) : +91-79-26563530
Mobile :
Fax : +91-79-26563531

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