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Ankara, , Turkey

Agriculture Products - Services,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 1987

PETROL INSAAT VE DIS TICARET LTD. STI. (P.I.D.) was established in 1987 in capital city of Turkey, Ankara.
P.I.D. Has been working in various sectors such as;
- Construction.
- Water & Sanitation.
- Power & Electricity.
- Agricultural Machinery.
- Farm Equipment.
- Drilling & Pumping.
- Electromechanic & Hydromechanic.
- Greenhouses & Irrigation.
- Prefabricated Equipment.
- Security Wires.
- Metal Production.
- Pipes & Fittings.
- Education Materials.
- Plastic Materials.
- Telecommunication Materials.
- Kitchen Equipment.
- Services.
And related the those sectorshas been engagedin international activities throught the world.

Products :
We Provide Services working in various sectors. Construction :- Drilling & Pumping Station, Flood Control, Greenhouses, Irrigation, Land Levelling, Sanitation, Water Supply, Other. 1)DRILLING & PUMPING STATION :- Drilling of Water Wells, Development of Water Wells, Cleaning of Water Wells, Pumping Stations, Electrical Works, Mechanical Works. 2)FLOOD CONTROL :- Construction of Flood Control Structures. 3)GREENHOUSES :- Construction of Greenhouses for Agricultural Purposes. 4)IRRIGATION :- Construction of Agricultural Irrigation Systems. 5)SANITATION :- Wastewater Collection Systems, Construction of Waste Water Collection Networks, Sanitation Network Projects, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Rehabilitation and Extension of Sewerage Systems. 6)WATER SUPPLY :- Construction of Water Transmission Pipelines, Water Networks Projects, Well Drilling, Expansion and Rehabilitation, Groundwater Development, Construction of Pumping Stations, Installation of Electromechanical Equipment, Construction of Pump Houses, Construction of Reinforced Concrete Reservoirs, Installation of Pipe Works. 7)OTHER CONSTRUCTION :- Roads, Ports, Airports, Building Complex, Business Complex. Electricity :- SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF:- Distribution, Control and Measuring Equipment, Substation Centers, City Networks, Transmission Lines, Generation Equipment, Transmission Equipment, Power Plant Equipment, Power and Distribution Tranformers, Transformer Substations, Cables and Conductors, Switchgears, Cubicles, Panels and Kyosks, Electromechanic Equipment, Compensation Panels, Lightning Equipment, Electrical Apparatus, Generator Sets. Supply Of Materials :- Agricultural Tools, Aluminium Works, Chemicals, Drugs, Education Materials, Electromechanic Equipment, Foodstuff, Furniture, Greenhouse Equipment, Hand Tools, Hydromechanic, Kitchen Equipment, Machines, Pipes & Fittings, Plastic Equipment, Power Supply, Sanitation & Hygiene Equipment, Security, Security Wire, Shetler & Temporary Housing, Telecommunications, Textiles, Clooting & Personal Equipment, Vehicle. SERVICES :- Construction Services, Electric Services, Water Supply, Sewerage Systems, Refuse Systems, Irrigation Systems, Engineering Services, Architectural Services, Surveyin Services, Managment Services, Managment Consulting Services, Business Services, Insurance, Warehousing, Storage, Handing, Transportaion, Forwarding, Consulting.

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Buklum Sokak 2/21 Kavaklidere
Ankara - 06660 () Turkey

Phone(s) : +90-312-4190885
Mobile :
Fax : +90-312-4184675

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