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agriculture Member Directory(High Speed Diesel Engines)


[Ahmedabad, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of:- Cotton Yarn Division:- Ring Spun Yarn Carded & Combed for Weaving & Knitting Single & TFO Double, Open end Yarn Solvent Extraction Division:- Soyabean and other meal : for cattle feed and poultry, feed. Edible Oil : Raw and Refined., Vanaspati Ghee. Bio-Chemical Division:- Starches, Modified starches, Dextrose Monohydrate, Glucose Syrups, Corn Syrup solids,.....

Pesticides manufacturers and formulators association

[Mumbai, India]
Promoting innovations & environmentally sound used of protection products so as to ensure high quality abundant food, fibre & other utilizing crops for the growing populations in the Indian sub-continent......

Amit Biotech.

[Kolkata, India]
Manufacturers of AGRICULTURE: Rakshak, Viral, Mos-Kitos, Pestoneem, Guard, Earth, Akrisulf-DS, S 85% D.P., Link, S-Pyrites, Terokil, Gluton-SAS, Dipole, Microbes etc. PLANTATION: Kilmit, Shakti, Wah!, Pectinase, Terokil, Gluton-SAS, Dipole, Microbes, Pestoneem, Guard, Earth, Akrisulf-DS, S 85% D.P., Link, Cabon, Teampol C300, Shakti Clean, S-Pyrites etc. AQUACULTURE: Aquaneem, Earth etc. .....

Bicco Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.

[Calcutta, India]
Manufacturers And Exporters Of Bio Pesticides , Fertilizers & Micro Nutrients. BIOPESTICIDES : BIONEEM, BIO-2001, TR-MIT K, MICRO NUTRIENTS : BICCOSULPH, BICCO-HIGH, CHELATED ZINC BIOFERTILIZERS : BIOFERT, TEATONIC FUNGICIDE : BICOXY Also specializes in the production of Zinc EDTA, Zinc Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate, Manganese Sulphate, Copper Sulphate, Boron, Molybdenum and related inputs o.....

Smart Exporters

[Sattur, India]
Manufacturers and Exporter/Importer of High quality Cattle Feed, Lion Brand Pufer Cattle Bran, Raw Rice Bran, Agro Products like Bajra, wheat, Jowar, Wheat Powder, Maize, Maize powder, Red gram, Green gram, Black gram, Chillies, Chillies powder, Bengal gram......

Dulichand Narender Kumar Exports Pvt. Ltd.

[Karnal, India]
Manufacturer And Exporter of high quality basmati rice......

Adarsh Derivatives Limited

[Chandisar, India]
Manufacturer & Exporter Of : High Viscosity Food Grade `Adicol' Guar Gum Powder......

Admark Herbals Immunity Limited.

[Dhoraji, India]
Shield is the greatest breakthrough in the world of medicine. To Ayurveda goes the credit for compounding, on ancient principles, a medicinal recipe that cures viral infection, inhibits the virus from spreading within the body, and enhances the immune system to prevent viruses from taking root. The mission of Admark Herbal Cure is to disseminate the Ayurvedic remedies for alleviating diseases .....

Anil Engineers

[Rajkot, India]
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Agricultural Diesel Engine, Genset and Spare Parts are :- - Lister-Petter Agricultural Diesel Engine and Its Parts - Genset and Its Parts - Pump Set and Its Parts - Lombardini Diesel Engine and Its Parts - Auto Parts - Crank Shafts for Auto Sector - Connecting Rods for Auto Sector - Ornamental Castings for Gates and Grills......

Adarsh Derivatives Limited

[Chandisar, India]
We are having an integrated Guar Gum Powder manufacturing plant with 4050 MT capacity at Chandisar in Gujarat (India). Guar Gum, with its versatile properties finds its applications in numerous industries and products. To meet the requirement of different user industries, company has developed a wide range of standardized ?ADICOL? guar gum Powder. With specialisation in high viscosity, low .....


[JAIPUR, India]

Bicco Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.

[Calcutta, India]
We are speciliazed in agro products such as:- 1)BIOPESTICIDES:-BIO NEEM, BIO-2001, TR-MIT K. 2)MICRO NUTRIENTS:-BICCOSULPH, BICCO-HIGH, CHELATED ZINC. 3)BIOFERTILIZERS:-BIOFERT, TEATONIC. 4)FUNGICIDE:-BICOXY 5)BIONEEM / BIO-2001 IN THE CONTROL OF STORED GRAIN PESTS. 6)New Products:-Bilk Tea, Package Tea. We also specializes in the production of Zinc EDTA, Zinc Sulphate, Mag.....


[Chennai, India]
We are manufacturer of aloe vera gel of different grades and aloe vera based cosmetic and nutritional products. Our aloe vera leaves and the manufacturing process are organically certified by European agency. BASIC RAW MATERIAL FOR COSMETIC, FOOD & MEDICINAL INDUSTRIES ALOE VERA GEL IS: Organic Certified, Cold Processed, 100% Stabilised. ALOE VERA GEL Native liquid:-raw material for the man.....

Farm Equipments Corporation

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Tractor Operated Mechanised Farm Equipments like Post Hole Diggers, Rotary Tillers, Rotary Slasher, Bund Former, Dozer, Mixavator are :- - Post Hole Diggers :- Our Tractor Post Hole Diggers is supplied with a heavy-duty gear box and PTO shafts which are Imported from Italy to withstand tough Indian soil conditions. There are four different sizes of aug.....

5P Ottathycal

[Coimbatore, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Cocopeat, coir dust blocks, biopesticides, neem oil, neem cake, neem cake powder, organic manure, vermicasting, Agrochemicals & Pesticides. The Neem Tree:- The Neem Tree (Azadirachta Indica) is a native of India. Every part of the tree is useful, has medicinal, cosmetic and pest inhibiting properties. NEEM CAKE/POWDER:- Neem Cake is an excellent organic fertil.....

Arihant Agencies

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturer, Suppliers of Plant Growth Promoter : Protein Hydrolysate is a high quality plant growth promoter, obtained through a series of unique biological process from certain natural resources : Uniformity in flower & fruit development, Optional SOIL-WATER-AIR-PLANT relation energy conservation, Saving in labour & fewer harvesting operations, Less pest & disease incidence, Enhance activitie.....

Dayal Fertilizers

[Meerut, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Micronutrient Fertilizers : Zinc Sulphate - Crystalline (ZnSo4.7H2O) - 21% Zn Min w/w, Zinc Sulphate Mono Hydrate - Powder (ZnSo4.H2O) - 33% Zn Min. W/w, Ferrous Sulphate - Crystal/Powder (FeSo4.H2O) 19% Fe Min. W/w, Copper Sulphate - Crystal/Powder (CuSo4.5H2O) - 24% Cu Min. W/w, Manganese Sulphate - Powder (MnSo4.H2O) - 30.5% Mn. W/w, Chelated Zinc - Powder - 1.....

Ivory Soap Works Ltd

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Clear Herbal Bath Bar- Enriched with aromatherapy oils such as neem oil and sandalwood oil. Liquid Soap- Coconut oil or Palm kernel oil based creamy liquid soap or transparent liquid soap. Veterinary Soap- Coconut oil based veterinary cake soap for animals. Hotel Kit- Our high quality products are ideally suited for industries with an emphasis on luxury......


[Bangalore, India]
We Manufacturer and Export / Import of A research, breeding, export and import company in hybrid vegetable seeds based in Bangalore, India. Tomato Dual Purpose & Processing Hybrids : -DETERMINATE HYBRIDS Dual purpose -ROUND FRUITED HYBRIDS -BACTERIAL WILT TOLERANT HYBRIDS -TOMATO LEAF CURL VIRUS RESISTANT HYBRIDS -ACDIC FRUITED HYBRIDS -INDETERMINATE FRESH MARKET HYBRIDS -DETERMI.....

Agriculture Manufacturers Directory(High Speed Diesel Engines)

MAPS korba[ chhattisgarh ] INDIA

[Chhattisgarh Korba, India]
We mainly produce, supplier and export dried Oyster Mushroom like pleurotus florida, pleurotus sajor caju & fresh Milky mushroo. SELL OFFER - Currently we are offering following things : High Quality Dry Oyster mushroom & fresh Milky mushroom in bulk......

Ace Gum Industries Pvt. Ltd.

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of guar gum, guar gum powder, natural guar gum. We manufacture high quality guar gum which being used by these industries : Food industry, Sauces for fish canning, Fruit nectars and juices, Tomato ketchup, Frozen desserts, Noodles, Meat products and canned meat, Canned gravy, Baked foods, Improved baking aid, Pharmaceutical industry, Paper industry, Mining & .....

Shree Ram Gum And Chemicals

[Jodhpur, India]
Manufacturer And Exporter Of Guar Gum And Splits, Casia Gum Powder. Our products are manufactured broadly in the Grades of: Guar Splits (Upto 99% Pure) Guar Gum Powder (RAMCOL) Tamarind Kernel Powder Fast Hydrating High Viscosity Guar Gum Psyllium Husk ( RAMCIL) Psyllium Husk Powder Cassia Tora Fenugreek Synthetic Food Colors. About Guar Gum : Guar Gum is used as a Natural th.....

Veendeep Oiltek Exports

[Navi Mumbai, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of:- Manufacturer & exporter of high performance solvent extraction plant for soybean, rape seed, sunflower seed saff flower seed, cotton seed, rice barm, sal seed, canola mustered seed, vegetable oil refinery plant, continuos bleaching, continuous deodorizing, physical refining plant, hydrogenation plant, oil milling plant etc. Seed Intake Seed Prepatation Pre-.....


[Jingjiang, China]
Our company was established in 1979 with 1500 staff now our main product are varities snack included pie, jelly, flapjack, chocolate etc. our company has our own brand 'fuma' and our products sell well all over our country.
at present we kindly hope open up the international market as our company make further development. we can provide products with high quality and low cost. we are willing to.....


[Neijiang, China]
Engine, Generator, Water Pump both of Diesel and Petrol. Power tiller, Kerosene Engine and Grass Cutter......


[Florida, United States]
We are the manufacturer of Packaged roasted coffee products, packaged instant coffee products, production of bulk instant coffee
Regular Coffee Products:

100 % Colombian
Coffee experts generally consider Colombian coffees to be among the very best in the world. This is a carefully selected blend of Colombian Excelso and Supremo beans, expertly roasted to produce a mild, full-bodied c.....


[Bangkok, Thailand]
Manufacturer, Trader, Exporter of D-etr Sweetener.

  • It is a registered trademark of delicious and safe no-calorie sweetener.
  • It is a trademark of new sweetener made of sucralose as the main sweetening agent.
  • It is the only no-calorie sweetener made from sugar and is converted into an indigestible form.
  • It then has a pleasant sweet taste with no bitter aftertaste.


    [N?rnberg, Germany]
    We Manufacture machines for the products in the food industry such as in the pharmaindustry.
    Specific machine name: food processing machines.
    All machines are manufactured with high grade steel and with the best of the material......


    [Anyang, China]
    We specially offer and export flour milling machines and cassava starch processing.
    We specialize in :
    Flour Milling Machines : Cleaning machines[Vibrating Sifter, Horizontal Rotary Sieve, Horizontal Wheat Scourer, Gravity Grading Stoner, Gravity Dry stoner, Circular Aspiration Cleaner]Convey machines [Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, Pneumatic Conveyor], Milling machines [Roller mil.....


    [Shenzhen, China]
    Manufacturers and exporters of High-efficient Thermal Fogger, Super low volume sprayer, Back-pack Thermal Fogger etc......


    [Khulna, Bangladesh]
    We are leading manufacturer of High Quality Atta, Maida, Suji, Bran and Other Food Products.
    Marine Services
    - Management and all type of operational works as a local agent of all types and size of vessels calling at Bangladesh ports.
    - Manning services with supply of highly standard complete selection of officer and crew.
    - Supply of experts for consulting or practical assistan.....


    [Parma, Italy]
    Manufacturing and exporting of food processing and packing Plant.
    High density food products : Concentrates, Canned, Jams.
    Semidense food products : Sauces, Food oils, Juices, Preserves.
    Liquid food products : Flat and sparking drinks, Wines, Alcoholics.
    Dried food products : Fruit, L.....


    [Beijing, China]
    We are the leading manufacturer of Soy Protein products in China with high quality and low price, our main products include:
    1. Food ingredient
    Isolated Soy Protein
    Concentrated Soy Protein
    Defatted Soy Protein
    Soy Lecithin will be available by the end of 2005.
    2. Finished food products
    Protein Powder: according to the protein content, there are three specifications: 40%, 50%,.....


    [Wuhan, China]
    We are a leading company manufacturing food machinery such as rice milling equipment and ice cream machines. Our products include: complete set rice mills and all kinds individual machines such as precleaner, vibratory sieve, de-stoner, paddy husker, paddy separator, rice whitener, rice mist polisher, indented cylinder, rice plansifter,thinkness grader, color sorter, packaging machine, low-speed b.....


    [Buenos Aires, Argentina]
    We are manufacturer of 'Trisoja' which is an argentinean product elaborated with the best combination of wheat, soy and minerals. it is a product that combines all nutritional properties of these cereals and oleaginous in an easy to prepare food of very high protein value, low cost, and pleasant taste......


    [Hulu Kelang, Malaysia]
    Manufacturers and Traders of Jatropha bio-diesel oil......

    China Tractor Export Co

    [Wuhan, China]
    Import & Export of FT Tractors, Jinma Tractors, ATV, GOCART, Bulldozers, Tractor Implements, YC Excavators, Skid Steer Loader, DFH Tractor. Our product range include: ATV - We have been striving to provide full series of ATV products to our customers. With the development of customer's need to big horsepower ATV, we introduced new 350cc, 650cc, 75... GOCART - CY251, 250cc 1 seat, Net wei.....

    Yung Chi Y.C. Industrial Co.

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Designing and Producing Knapsack power sprayers and portable power sprayers, garden tools, agricultural machine, hardware, washing machine, brush cutter. Our product range include: KNAPSACK POWER SPAYER - MITSUBISHI CHUAN DAO KNAPSACK POWER SPRAYER, MITSUBISHI CHUAN DAO BRUSH CUTTER - KOMATSU RIGID SHAFT TYPE BRUSH CUTTER. NOZZLE POWER SPRAYER - MAX DIRECTION HORN NOZZLE, FAN PLATE, CE.....

    Malaysia Premier Estate & Plantation Management company

    [Johor, Malaysia]
    Our products and Services include: PLANTATION - The Group?s involvement in the plantation industry dates back to 1933 when it operated under its forerunner, Kulim Rubber Plantations Ltd. Initially, the Group?s main plantation crop was rubber, but the focus eventually shifted to oil palm. To this day, oil palm-related businesses remain the main activities of the Group. Apart from the plantati.....

    Pioneer A.E. Company Limited

    [Kaohsiung, Taiwan]
    Pioneer's major products and services are specified below: High Efficiency Paddlewheel Aerator. Aquaculture Equipment: Paddlewheel Aerators ("Teco" Motor made in "Taiwan" and under ISO 9001 / ISO 14001). Air-injectors, Automatic Feeders, Roots/Ring Blowers (ISO 9001), and Water Pumps (ISO 9002). Automatic Grits Manufacturing Machines, Mixer Machines, Fish Chopping Machines, Fish Mincing .....

    Sichuan Quanming Fertilizer Co., Ltd

    [Chengdu, China]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of organic / inorganic compound fertilizer which different contents ( main component : N-P-K-Mg-Mn-Bo)and their raw material and additives , plant calcium phosphate , bone calcium phosphate , single superphosphate , triple superphosphate , rapeseed /cottonseed meal, steamed bone meal/grain, bone ash ( cineration bone grain/meal )sodium sulphate anhydrous , sodium bicarb.....

    China Monfly Foods Co.,Ltd.

    [Fujian, China]
    Manufacturer & exporter of Mushrooms, Dried foods, Feeds. Our product range includes: Mushrooms - Coriolus Versicolor : Ganoderma Lucidum (Lingzhi, Reishi), also known as the "Fairy Herb", "the King of Herbs", is one of the most precious and unique plants in China. Anyone, who wants to keep health at optimum level, should need it. It is claimed to be able to strengthen body performance, en.....

    GuangXi HongHua Agricultural Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.

    [Guangxi, China]
    Da Bei Nong and Zhangfu feed series for swine, fowl, duck and fish, Honghua spotted fowl, high zinc eggs, high iodine eggs, high selenium eggs, fresh eggs, animal Yishengbao, biologic organic fertilizer ferment agent, compound enzyme preparaion, Luxian bio-fertilizer and Liangyoupeijiu hybrid rice. Our product range includes: Biofertilizer - Luxian Brand Biofertilizer Compound Series has the f.....

    Guangzhou Green Star Bio-tech Co., Ltd

    [Guangzhou, China]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Non fibrous root bean sprout agent, Narcissus agent, Peroxidase (POD/Peroxidase), silkworm, mulberry seed and silkworm used materials Agricultural products : Tip restraining and more flower series:- Tip restraining and more flower for lychee and longan, Tip restraining and more flower for lychee, Tip restraining liquid Tip killing and flower promoting series:- .....

    Nong Feng Higro International Pte Ltd

    [Singapore, Singapore]
    Manufacturer & Exporter of UREA N46 PRILLED (OR GRANULAR) , Fertilizer For Palm Oil, chillies, tomatoes, corns, vegetable, fruit trees, oil palm, rubber trees, Highgrow Proven Special High Yield Non-toxic Supplement. Raw Materials- Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Manganese, Sulphur, Copper, Boron, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron and Molybdenum, Fulvic Acid, Amino Acid and Citric Acid......

    Beijing Taigu Wanlong Trade Co.,Ltd

    [BeiJing, China]
    Manufacturer & Traders / Exporters of - Coffee, china green coffee beans. The geographical planting area of Simao coffee is very similar to that of the Colombian coffee namely: an area of low latitude but of high altitude with big temperature difference between day and night. Having studied the geographical planting area and tasted Simao arabica, ICO experts concluded that the coffee is quit.....

    Im. Ex. Go.

    [Baton Rouge, United States]
    We Manufacture & Exports Bio diesel, glycerine, used cooking oil, waste vegetable oil, inedible tallow, palm acid oil, pao, palm fatty acid distillate, pfad, soy bean meal, soy bean oil RBD, sunflower oil, animal & vegetable waste oils and fats, Inks, Soaps, Candles, Many Others......

    Zaanlandse Olieraffinaderij

    [The Netherlands, Netherlands]
    We Manufacture & Exports Sunflower oil, Hazelnut oil, High oleic sunflower oil, Avocado oil, Rape seed oil, Sweet almond oil, High erucic rape seed oil, Walnut oil, Safflower oil, Apricot kernel oil, High oleic safflower oil, Jojoba oil, Soy bean oil, Grape seed oil, Lin/flex seed oil, Borage oil, Sesame seed oil, Evening primrose oil, Peanut oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Wheat germ oil, Cherry kernel .....

    Fulghum Fibrefuels, Ltd.

    [Savannah, Georgia]
    Manufacturer and deliver of high quality renewable and biofuel products. Fulghum Fibrefuels , Ltd. Was organized in response to the need for a clean burning biofuel, supplied in bulk, to fuel power plants. Manufacturers of high quality wood processing equipment. Fulghum Chip Mills are operating world wide supplying pulpwood chips to many of the leading paper makers including, Georgia Pacif.....

    Hail & Cotton, Inc.

    [Springfield, United States]
    Hail & Cotton is known worldwide as a Knowledgable and cost-effective solution For high quality tobacco leaf products......

    Viet Delta Corporation

    [Hochiminh, Vietnam]
    Viet Delta is the leading manufacturer and exporter of coconut products in Vietnam. Our products include desiccated coconut fine and medium, coconut fibre, coconut handicraft. We are willing to meet our customer's requirement by supply our products with high quality and competitive price......

    Viet Delta Corporation

    [Hochiminh, Vietnam]
    Viet Delta is the leading manufacturer and exporter of coconut products in Vietnam. Our products include desiccated coconut fine and medium, coconut fibre, coconut handicraft. We are willing to meet our customer's requirement by supply our products with high quality and competitive price......

    Crop Care Australasia Pty Ltd

    [Hamilton Central, Australia]
    Crop Care products are used in a wide range of markets including broadacre agriculture, cotton, sugar cane and horticulture.Product list as follows Adjuvant: Primabuff: is a multi-purpose adjuvant containing a pH indicator for use as a wetting, spreading, penetrating, acidifying, buffering and compatibility aid with alkaline sensitive pesticides, herbicides and foliar fertilizers. Superch.....

    Taizhou Sunny Agricultural Machinery Co.,Ltd.

    [Taizhou, China]
    Manufacturer and exporter of agricultural machinery and garden tools such as hand, plastic, power sprayers, gasoline power water pumps, brush cutters, lawn mowers, power spray guns and parts. Brush Cutter Series, Gasoline Power Water Pumps Series, High Pressure Knapsack Sprayers Series, Hand Sprayers Power Sprayers Series - SUCTION HOSE 1PC, OVERFLOW HOSE 1PC, STRAINER 1PC, TOOL KITS 1SET .....

    Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements

    [Louis Park, United States]
    We are Manufacturer of Macro-Infusion : Macro-Infusion Pumps, Kits and Supplies :-Connector Tees, Harness Tubing, High Helix Drill Bits, High Volume Injection Kit, High Volume Pump Kit, Low Volume Kit, Macro-Infusion Tees, Manual Pump, Replacement Pump, Supplemental Infusion Kit. Soil Application : Soil Application Systems and Supplies:-Basal Drench Kit, Green Garde ? Heavyduty Spray Gun, Gree.....


    [THANH XUAN, Vietnam]
    Manufacturer & Exporter of CINNAMON (CASSIA:- High proportion of oil, excellent flavour, natural colour, 3 types: broken, split and pipe . .STAR ANISEED:- Grade A, B, With stem and without stam .TEA:- Orthodo green and black tea, CTC tea, OTD tea. .BEE'S HONEY. .....

    SprayGro Liquid Fertilizers

    [South Australia, Australia]
    Manufacture a wide range of NPK Liquid Fertilizers, specializing in Trace Elements to correct/maximise plant growth. New Products : COMPLETE K, FIRMRITE CP, FOUR 7 TRACE, PKZ, SMARTRACE SPRAYTRACE 3, TOWER. BROWSE OUR PRODUCTS HERE : Blue Stripe Liquid Trace Elements :-Boron-15, Copper Sulphate Firmrite Firmrite CB Firmrite CMB Firmrite CP Four 7 Trace, Manganese Sulphate, Manganese Copper S.....

    H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc.

    [Westport, United States]
    We are Manufacturer of following products -Feed Products: Blended Proteins: -PRO-PAK - Fishmeal Analogue -PRO-LAK - Dairy Bypass Protein Supplement Other Proteins & Ingredients: -Marine & Animal By-Products Oils & Other Feed Ingredients: FISHMEALS: Peruvian Steam Dried Fishmeal Peruvian Fishmeal Chilean Prime Quality Fishmeal Menhaden Fishmeal OTHER MEALS and OILS: Crabshell .....


    [Ontario, Canada]
    We are Manufacturer in the following Products Activol: A plant growth regulator for horticultural crops. Agral 90: A versatile, non-ionic surfactant that improves uptake of a wide spectrum of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Proven performance and reliability have made Agral 90 the preferred choice of growers. Agral 90 has more tank mix registrations than any other surfactant. .....

    Apex Fertilizer

    [Lathrop, United States]
    Today, we offer one of the most extensive lines of frozen potato products anywhere, giving you a wide range of cuts and flavor profiles with high quality and excellent profitability. Potatoes : French Fries, Hash Browns/Formed, RoastWorks? Potatoes, Mashed, Idahoan, Fun Foods, Ingredients, Specialty Potatoes, Cornados?. RoastWorks : Potatoes, Vegetables & Blends, Fruit. Fruit : Apples, Blue.....

    Nature Safe Natural & Organic Fertilizers

    [Kentucky, United States]
    Natural and Organic Fertilizers and Organic Based Fertilizer Product Labels and MSDS Sheets require the If you do not have the Acrobat Plug-In, you can get it here free Starter Fertilizer, High Potassium Fertilizer, Stress Guard Fertilizer, Landscape Fertilizer, All Season Fertilizer, with Meth-Ex 40?, Fe & Me, Blending Base* Fertilizer, Ammonium Sulfate Fortified Fertilizer, 15-2-8 with Meth-Ex .....

    Barmac Industries Pty. Ltd.

    [Swanbank, Australia]

    An Hsin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers of:- farm equipments, home electrical appliances and sports products, including pumps, liquid agitators, grain mill, fruit & vegetable juicers and shoes spike. High Pressure Fogging System, Rotary Plunger Power Sprayer, Self Priming Centrifugal Pump, Portable Motorized Power Sprayer, Pressure Washer, Shoes Spike, Fruit & Vegetable Juices, Grain Mill, Liguid Agitators, Knapsack Power.....

    Jojomo Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers & Traders of:- fruit & bucket jelly, jelly cup, high dietary, non-fat, fiber low calorie diet food, fruit gums and candies sold to local and foreign markets for more than 20 years and established R&D section especially for foreign traders, food products- fruit jelly, bucket jelly, jelly cup, fruit gums, candies ( candy), food products supplier & manufacturer. .....

    Beijing Great Wall High-efficiency Organic Fertilizers Factory

    [Beijing, China]
    Manufacturer & Exporters of - Organic fertilizer.....

    Micron Sprayers Ltd

    [Herefordshire, United Kingdom]
    We Manufacturer of HAND-HELD SPRAYERS : Ulva +, Ulva + Bracken Pack, Handy, Handydome, Microfit System, Powerpack Pro, Herbi-4, Herbiflex-4, Accudos 2/25 P, Autodos, Micropak PP15, Microwipe, Weedstick, Accessories : 5 Litre Backpack, 10 Litre Backpack, 15 Litre Backpack, Shoulder Strap, 60ml Measuring Cup, 500ml Measuring Cup, Vibr-tak RPM counter, Dwyer Wind Meter, UV Lamp, Protective Cloth.....

    Caprice Nursery

    [Oregon, United States]
    We Manufacturer and Services as Garden Peony, Intersectional, Tree Peony, Daylilies, Hostas, Samplers, Cards Garden Peony : Adolphe Rousseau, Alicia Kunkel, Benjamin Franklin, Bowl Of Beauty, Bowl Of Beauty, Burning Bright, Charlie's White, Peony Samplers, Peony Book. Intersectional : Border Charm, Callies Memory, Canary Brilliants, Cora Louise, Garden Treasure, Julia Rose, Prairie Charm, P.....

    Midwest Arborist Supplies

    [Grand Rapids, United States]
    We Manufacturer of Mauget Micro-Injection : Mauget Fertilizers, Mauget Insecticides, Mauget Fungicides, Antibiotics, Combinations. Macro-Injection Products : Fungicide, Arbortect, Iron Treat. Macro-injection Supplies : Arbortect kit, Connector tees, Injection heads, Injection Kit 120 volt, Injection Kit 12 volt, Tubing (arbotect), High Helix Drill Bits. Fertilizers & Soil Supplements : N.....

    Hunan Chenzhou Grain and Oil Machinery Co. Ltd.

    [Hunan, China]
    We are manufacturer and exporter of grain processing and storing machinery such as:- Mix the stone equipment clear:-combined drum sieve, rotary cleaning sieve, vibrating cleaning sieve, suction type dry stoner, Double dry. Rice huller valley and valley are separated roughly, the brown rice chooses the equipment carefully:-rubber roller sheller, 100B gravity paddy separator, 100C gravity padd.....

    Shandong Dongsheng Food Co., Ltd.

    [Shandong, China]
    Manufacturer & Exporters of - Our Products: Dehydrated, IQF/Frozen, and Fresh garlic/vegetables Dehydrated Vegetables - Garlic, Garlic High Allicin, Garlic High Flavor, Garlic toasted, White onion, Yellow onion, Horseradish, Ginger, Carrot, Spring onions, Chili , Green bell pepper, Red bell pepper, Spinach, Tomato, Perrila Frozen Vegetables - Bell pepper diced, Cilantro cuts, Green beans, .....

    Shandong Juling Imp &Exp Co., Ltd

    [Shandong, China]
    Manufactureres & Exporters of Agriculture Products Processing, Farm Machines & Tools, Internal Combustion Engine, Pumps & Vacuum Equipment, Diesel Engine, JC Series Skid Steer Loader, CPC(D) Series Forklift Truck, Tractor, Tricycle, Pump Sets, Generating set, Farm produce processing, machine, Engine testing equipment, Machine tools......

    Aceford Food Industry Pte Ltd.

    [Singapore, Singapore]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Vegetable Oils and Fats. We also offer a wide range of high quality vegetable fats to suit customers' requirements:- 1. Cocoa butter substitutes (CBS) 2. Cocoa butter equivalents and replacers (CBE and CBR) 3. Coating fats 4. Various grades of shortening and margarines 5. Hydrogenated oils and fats 6. Vegetable Ghee Our Products Range:- 1. Liq.....

    Status Point Sdn. Bhd.

    [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]
    Manufacturer of DESICCATED COCONUT, NATA DE COCO : Nata De Coco, is an organic high fibre food product, cultivated by fermentation action on coconut, sugar, water and a specially developed nutrient. Nata De Coco is high in soluble dietary fibre, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals and is low in fat and contains no cholesterol. COCONUT SHELL FLOUR : COCONUT SHELL FLOUR is manufactured by using a .....

    [England, United Kingdom]
    We Manufacturer of New Desensitising FIREWORK Party CD -British Design Voted 'Best in the World' -New Surridge Range - Launching at Four Oaks -Unwins Launch New Seed Potato Range -FCH Novelty Plants for September -RHS selects top ten plants for tulip mania -Kim Wilde is Dunweedin' in jungle garden - opening July 30th -Gardeners urged to join the rubber revolution -New Information Media Ed.....

    Tien Ming Confectionery Trading Sdn Bhd

    [Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia]
    Manufacturer of High quality sweets & lollipop candies : Assorted fruity flavor lollipop (round / flat shape), Toys shape lollipop, Animals shape lollipop, Handicraft sweets & lollipops, Toffee fruity candy, Chocolate / Milk cream Toffee stick candy, Soft jelly candy, Coconut Candy, Pillow fruity candy, Ice Cream pop candy, Diamond pop candy, Wafer jelly etc. Ball Lollipop : Orange Lollipop, Pine.....

    Kami Food Services Sdn. Bhd.

    [Lumpur, Malaysia]
    Manufacturing of fully Halal and high quality surimi / seafood based products such as Filament Crab Stick, Crab Finger, Frankfurter, Cocktail and others. We practice good hygiene and HACCP in our production. Halal Seafood Products Range Are : Golden Squid Ring, Crab Stick Ball, Filament Crab Stick, Golden Sotong Ball, Crab Drumstick, Prawn Ball, Crab, Claws, Roti Pratha, Fish Nugget, Sotong Pas.....

    Greatpac Sdn. Bhd.

    [Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia]


    [Grand-Halleux, United States]
    We Manufacturer ans Services as Specializes in tissue culture production of acid loving plant types such as Rhododendron, Azalea, Kalmia and Pieris -Young plant material in special culture boxes at the multiplication stages. -Plants material 4-6 months in the acclimatisation process. -The Polystyrene delivery tray. -7 cm square pots (P7), plants are approximately 10-15 cm high (depe.....

    Bloomz online

    [Tauranga, New Zealand]
    We Manufacturer and Export / Import of A leading New Zealand Floricultural company, specializing in Calla Lily (colored Arums), Sandersonia and other exotic species such as Phormium. We are primarily orientated to the production of high health tissue culture, bulbs and tubers. BLOOMZ is one of New Zealand's leading floricultural companies, specialising in the breeding, production and export.....

    High Q Greenhouses

    [MORINVILLE, Canada]
    We Manufacturer and Export / Import of Seeded and propagated begonias, spring plants, annuals, draceana, herbs, crops, hanging baskets. Rooting station for imports. High Q Greenhouses Produces the only ?Advantage Plugs? : At High Q Greenhouses seeded 512 plugs for annual pack production are produced as well as a large line of spring plant material. Our criteria are to grow materials that p.....


    [Meridian, United States]
    PRODUCTS include specimen evergreens, caliper shade and flowering trees, ornamental shrubs, vines, junipers, grasses, perennials, and intermountain-area natives. Conifer Trees : Abies Corkbark Fir, Abies Frasier Fir, Abies Sub Alpine Fir, Calocedrus Incense Cedar, Cedrus Lebanon Cedar, Picea Bakeri Spruce, Picea Blk Hill Spruce, Picea Colorado Spruce, Picea Hoopsii Spruce, Picea Moerheim Spruce.....

    Shanghai Sunshine Int' l Tdg., Co., Ltd.

    [Shanghai, China]
    Manufacturer & Exporter of Garlic Oil, Garlic Oil Capsule, Garlic Powder, Allicin (C6H10S3), Garlic Powder High Allicin (C6H10S3), Sodium Diacetate (SDA), Sodium Dehydroacetate, Garlic Oil Capsule Enteric Coating......

    Prides Corner Farms

    [Lebanon, United States]
    We Manufacturer and Services as Supplying woody shrubs, trees, and perennials to retail nurseries, wholesalers, and landscapers, located in Connecticut. With a single order to Prides Corner, you can fill a truck with trees, shrubs, herbs, perennials, and roses. Our state of the art shipping system and our friendly dedicated customer service staff enables us to provide you with these high .....

    Sleepy Hollow Nursery

    [Tennessee, United States]
    We Manufacturer of Tennessee seller of native and exotic trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses. Sleepy Hollow Nursery We are a wholesale grower of high quality natives, shrubs, trees and grasses .....

    Germania Seed Company

    [Illinois, United States]
    We Manufacturer of Specializing in high quality flower (annual and perennial) and vegetable seeds, plants and plugs since 1932.....

    The Krause Family

    [Iowa, United States]
    We Provied Services as At some point in time, we decided that Mother Nature's perfect package wasn't handy enough, and most of our commercially produced corn is shelled in the field. Here, the Krause Family has stepped back in time just a little, to bring back "Ear Corn."Yesteryear corn, because of the lower yields, worked well to pick in the ear, store in a crib and let natures breeze dry and.....

    Marlin Wilken & Sons Seeds

    [Illinois, United States]
    We Manufacturer and Services as Agricultural seed products, seed corn, seed soybeans, seed wheat, product information, company history, Roundup Ready soybeans, STS soybeans, etc. Corn : Hybrid, Maturity, Emergence, High Management , Soils, Corn on Corn, Final Stand x 1000, Pollination, Drought Tolerance, Root Strength, Stalk Strength, Plant Height, Ear Height, Plant Health, Grain Quality, Ea.....

    orthStar Genetics, Ltd.

    [Wanamingo, United States]
    We are Manufacturer and Services as Seed company based in the mid west US that produces soybeans, wheat, alfalfa and canola. We've got the products that will maximize your yields. How do we know? It's simple because we grow them ourselves to see which ones excel. Soybeans: The best Roundup Ready, conventional, and cyst-nematode soybeans available today for your farm operation grown by s.....

    Nykilde F.m.b.A.

    [Slagelse, United Kingdom]
    We Manufacturer and Services as Flower seeds from wildflowers, ornamentals, and grass, extensive mixtures for ground cover and flower mats. Cold pressed linseed oil, dyes and pigments. Ground cover flora seeds (Flower meadow) in mixtures contains flowerseeds (annuals and perennials) in wild forms. Ground cover crops contains seeds (annuals and perennials) for ground cover and fertilizing.....

    Pfister Hybrid Corn Company

    [El Paso, United States]
    We Manufacturer and Services as Commercial producer with a range of corn and alfalfa seed. Select Desired Traits : -Corn Borer -Rootworm -Rootworm Roundup Ready -Corn Borer with Roundup Ready -Plus -Plus with Roundup Ready -Roundup Ready -LibertyLink -Herculex -CLEARFIELD -Triple - YieldGard? Corn Borer, YieldGard? Rootworm & Roundup Ready? 2 Select Grain Characteristics : -.....

    Tybbuo Corporation

    [Texas, United States]
    We contract growing, manufacturing, importing, which allow us to provide the high-quality wasabi products Wasabi is perennial plant. Our Products are:- Wasabi rhizome with stem, Wasabi rhizome without stem, Dried wasabi stem, Dried wasabi rhizome, 100% Real wasabi paste, 100% Real wasabi powder. .....

    Wilron Turf Management Pty. Ltd.

    [Perth, Australia]
    Merchandise : -In store we maintain a large compliment of: -mower parts and consumables, -cylinders, -fertiliser - Scotts and all types. -irrigation - Specializing in bowling green design. -chemicals - Bayer, Campbells, Chipco & others. -soil wetting agents - high quality products. -perforain aluminium - Ames and Pope. -plynth boards, -chalk, -bottom blades and bed knives, -turf.....

    Beijing Great Wall High-efficiency Organic Fertilizers Factory

    [Beijing, China]
    Manufacturer & Exporters of Organic fertilizer......

    Zhucheng Xingmao Corn Developing Co.,Ltd.

    [Shandong, China]
    We are Manufactures of Corn Starch, liquid glucose, corn gluten feed, Refined Corn Oil, Inositol, Dextrin, Dextrose mono hydrate, High Maltose Syrup, corn gluten meal, Modified Starch. .....

    Crown Yeast Company Limited

    [Croydon, United Kingdom]
    We are Manufactures of Yeast products. Yeast Products are:-Centage Crown Instant Yeast. We offer our high quality instant yeast and active dried baking yeast for bread making in the bakery trade. Packaging is multi-lingual and our prices are very competitive, We are seeking distributors. We also supply liquid malt extract and cream crackers......

    Alteya Group

    [Elmhurst, United States]
    We private Bulgarian company specialized in the production and export of high-quality Bulgarian essential rose oil and rose water. The company owns several rose plantations in the world-famous Bulgarian Rose Valley. Product :- (1)ESSENTIAL OILS :- -Bulgarian Essential Rose Oil (Rose Otto) - Rosa Damascena : Rose Oil Concum. Rose Oil Souvenir Vial. -Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil - Lavan.....

    Konkin Organic Vermiculture Farm

    [Kiev, Ukraine]
    We manufacture organic fertilizer known as biohumus, vermicompost or worm castings and red Californian worms (Eisenia foetida). Biohumus shows unique results in organic agriculture, farming, gardening, horticulture and floriculture. Vermicompost :- Vermicompost is an excellent soil additive made up of digested and undigested compost. The digested part is known as worm castings. Worm casting.....

    Farms Assasa Company

    [Cairo, Egypt]
    We Provide Manufacturer, services and Export of Package rice in the Five - Kilogram plastic bags with die cut handles for easy handling. For the contributions made by the company to design and introduce innovative packaging, The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment has bestowed an award for outstanding packaging of an Agricultural Product. Product :- Rice White Beans Broad Beans .....

    CEM Food Foreign Trade Co.Ltd.

    [Malatya, Turkey]
    We are an exporter and producer of apricot and apricot kernels in Turkiye. And we are exporting dried apricots and the apricot kernels /seeds all of theworld. Also we can cover all of your other dried fruits and kernels. Like almonds, pistachios , peanuts , walnuts, nuts, figs, raisins, sultanas. Apricot kernels Means : Apricot kernels are, like most nuts and seeds, very nutritious. These a.....

    Circle-One International Inc

    [Hudson, United States]
    We are Manufacturer and Services as Circle One offers over 45 high quality products for use in a multitude of Agricultural applications. Please select a product category from the menu to the left for more information Functional Nutritionals. Plant Protection: Embark Garlic Extract Hit Hold Infiltrator Mycorrhizae Fungi Natural Oil Nema Perfect Plant Shield Prolong TKO Un.....

    Dailoi Trading Co., Ltd.

    [Hanoi City, Vietnam]
    We are a company specializing in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of Black Orthodox, CTC Tea and high quality Green Tea at competitive price. Our Products are : Black Tea Green Tea.....

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